Business Processing Outsourcing

Topics: Business process outsourcing, Outsourcing, Offshoring Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: December 14, 2008
The documentary 1-800-India is a very informative documentary showing the out sourcing industry in India. The documentary goes beyond just out sourcing and shows the many benefits it has for the people in India. It tells how it has seventeen thousand employees, and about fifty percent of the employees are woman, which is a change for woman in the society. Twenty percent of woman in India have jobs now due to Business Process Outsourcing. This is good for India because more women are getting an education and are learning more than ever before. The men and woman of Business Processing Outsourcing have been educated, and are able to speak English and speak to people in places such as the United States and Australia. They are gaining a better understanding of credit and mortgages along with other things that they never understood or even heard about before. They are now having more efficient forms of power, and transportation for the employees to go to and from work and have round the clock hours and a cafeteria open 24 hours a day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks for the employees. They are helping India’s economy greatly because there is more money and jobs circulating around which then brings up the economy. Men and women who work for Business Process Outsourcing are waiting longer to get married because they are focusing on their careers and education and are not having arranged marriages. They are also waiting longer to have children because they are so happy with their jobs and being able to earn money that they have grown accustomed to having both the husband and wife work, and if the wife gets pregnant and is out of work for a little while, this might cause financial problems. This is also something that is true in many other societies, including the United States. Many women are waiting longer to have children and are waiting longer to get married. Many people are into their careers and enjoy the amount of money that they have now that...
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