Business Process Remodeling

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3. Business Process Remodelling
Consider what you have learned in ISO about Business Process Remodelling and answer the following questions:

a) Explain why a business should be continuously improving its business processes?


As we know today customers demand better, faster, cheaper and quality service, so it is of major importance for business to improve its business process time to time to increase its efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness to get the competitive edge advantages otherwise it will lose that.

b) What is the difference between business process remodelling and business process re-engineering?


Business process remodeling or mapping is a graphical representation or comprehensive visual overview of the business process which shows the organization’s activities, in a structured sequence to improve its performance by modifying or eliminating non-value adding activities while business process reengineering is the radical redesign of business structure and processes in which entire technological, human, and organizational dimensions may be changed from start to end to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and performance.

c) Choose one of the business process remodelling criteria as indicated in lectures to select a process from your café to re-engineer, and briefly explain what we would expect to achieve from re-engineering a process based on your chosen criteria?


In reengineering my café I chose to eliminate redundancy such as removing the unnecessary staff, automating the process to streamline the business process which will lower the organization cost and increase its productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness which also result in fast customer services that fulfil the customer’s demands.
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