Business Process Management Strategy

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Executive summary3
BPM and Strategy4
Problem Analysis7
Proposed Solution10
Solution Considerations16

Executive summary

The purpose of this report is to examine the current situation of Omnicrons Pty Ltd Company and attempt to identify problems which result in declining sales and reduced profits since 2008. Methodology

Research for this report is based on current literature about business process management and relevant companies, transcript of the management meeting, financial statements, and other miscellaneous information supplied by Omnicrons’ CEO. Findings

The major findings indicate the lack of a streamlined computer-based business system, coordination amongst departments’ managers and employees, IT facilities and equipment. These cause a range of consequences such as decreased revenues, rising customer complaints and waning customer responsiveness. Recommendation

It is recommended that the Omnicrons should implement an enterprise resource planning system and invest in purchase and upgrade of IT facilities and equipment.

BPM and Strategy

The decline in Omnicrons’ profits over recent years, which results from shrinking sales and mounting expenses has raised the alarm over the effectiveness and efficiency of the business, and necessitate changes in the business processes. The competition is quite intense because Omnicron is a relatively new and unfamiliar invention compared with common competitor products. Though the company has focused on differentiation strategy with the Omnicron’s brilliant features, it has still not yet fully developed an appropriate marketing plan and lacks bold attempts to broaden the consumer base and expand market share. More importantly, the company functional structure has caused a series of delays and lack of transparency amongst departments. Business process management (BPM) is essential for restructuring, reorganizing and creating a more effective and efficient business. Its ultimate aim is to assist the company to accomplish goals and objectives via the management, control and constant development throughout the entire business processes. BPM helps to enhance and administer business processes across all functions. It extensively uses information and communication technologies as a tool to facilitate the execution of processes, input and storage of data, and monitor performances on an enterprise and real time basis. Therefore, delays can be substantially reduced, visibility is widened, costs and quality can be better managed, and integration among departments can be improved. It should be noticed that BPM closely integrates business processes with the company’s strategies and also allows hard strategic options to be decided by the managers and executed by the whole company. The benefits of BPM to Omnicrons can have direct or indirect impact on the internal and external perspectives by improving the structure and positioning of the business. Some of the keys benefits of BPM which also connects business strategies are discussed further: * Improved efficiency: BPM connects all the activities included in the process right from the beginning till the end in a very orderly form. In this way delays can be avoided and also improve process efficiency (Silver B, 2006).

* Control and Compliance: In any form of business, control over its processes is very important feature and BPM plays a vital role in delivering this benefit. BPM also fosters the company’s standardization by compliance with the rules & regulations and best practices & policies. This will ensure Ben Omicrons in maintaining the value proposition with its customers i.e. get the right information to the right person at the right time (Altman, 2009).

* Agility and Rapid Results: BPM enables to bring the newest technology in order to help the implementation process and achieve the best results very...

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