Business Process Management

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Faculty of Business and Law

MPM 701 –Business Process Management
Trimester 3, 2010

Group 25

Student Name Proportion ID
Zijia Cheng 33% 211676317

Dimitri Kaushik 33% 211176703

Xin Huang33%800713655

Lecturer Mike Bengough
Due Date 26/8/2011
Word Count 1959 words


This report is prepared to analyze the declining profits for Ben’s Omnicron. We focus on the internal factors like controls and enablers for problems and the inputs, and outputs problems. Firstly we use the business process management strategy to describe why BPM is important and what the benefits can get if Omnicrons use it to improve their efficiency. And then we use Gap model, As-Is diagram and Project Scoping Diagram to analyze the problems. We found the main problem for Omnicrons is the time delay. The main reasons are the Inputs always waste so much time and the outputs always fail to meet the customers’ needs. And the business process of the company is inefficient and lack of technical support. the employee and manager also has some problems like bad relationship and tendentious. After that we make some proposed solution to Ben on solving those problems. Building ERP system, training the staff and marketing research control are the main ideas in our proposed solutions. IT support is very important for the company to get more benefits. And we also make some factors Omnicrons need to care. Finally, we do some recommendations for Ben’s Omnicrons like looking for more suppliers and develop the technological equipment and improve the relationship between staff. Ben needs a long time to change the company and himself. And then we think he can get much benefits and competitive advantages than others.

Table of Contents

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1.0 Business Process Management (BPM) and Strategy----------- 3 2.0 Problem Analysis---------------------------------------------------------5 3.0 Proposed Solution--------------------------------------------------------8 4.0 Solution Considerations-------------------------------------------------10 5.0 Recommendations--------------------------------------------------------12 6.0 Reference list----------------------------------------------------------------13

1.0 BPM and Strategy
Ben's Omnicron's Pty Ltd is a medium sized enterprise whose primary products are 'gender neutral' hi-tech wrist accessories with lots of modern day features. After a strong initial demand and growth of the company, sales and profit started to come down. Ben's Omnicron follows paper based manual methods to get work done and things need to 'change for good'. BPM will enable Ben's Omnicrons Pty Ltd to have a computerized flow of business processes or work flow. BPM optimizes the performance of end to end business processes. Methods like re-engineering, TQM or six sigma can be considered as BPM (Peter Fingar and Joe Bellini,, n.d.).

Ben's Omnicrons shows clear indications of overlapping of processes creating redundancies, delays in invoicing and payments, repeated data inputs resulting in multiple data repositories and confusion. Manual check of products instead of an electronic data storage results in a waste of 1 week before delivery. BPM interlinks processes. (Lawson, Raef A, Strategic Finance, Sep. 2007, pp 35-39) BPM helps a company to take the corrective action by understanding exactly what's happening in the business. * It will help to focus the energies towards higher returns for the company. * BPM helps to create Cost Management scenarios.

* It helps to reduce overall costs.
* Key Data Management is one of the main features of BPM. (Schiff Craig, maximize business performance, Aug 2007, p. 31)

BPM assists to set goals, create plans, budget and monitors data. BPM provides proper data maintenance and data repositories. BPM prevents...
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