Business Process And Pricing Strategy of meena bazar

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Business Process And Pricing Strategy
Meena bazar use ELECTRONIC POINT OF SALE (EPOS) till to developstrategic information system in their business process.Each product to be sold must have an identifying code number which isdifferent from that of every other product. Different sizes of the same producteven need different code numbers. These code numbers are printed onto thelabels or packaging of the product in the form of bars codes.

Barcodes are made up of a set of black lines and white spaces.Look at the bar code. You can see that it is split into two halves, and each half iscontained within two thin black stripes. Figure no: 03

The diagram shows the pattern of lines for each digit on the bar code. Notice thatthe pattern for a digit on the right hand half of a bar code is the opposite of theone on the left hand half.Many bar codes today use the European Article Number or EAN. This is athirteen digit number which can be used to uniquely identify a product. Using thebar code shown as an example:a) The first 2 digits represent the country from which the companyproducing the product comes) The next five digits represent the company which produced the product.c) The following five digits represent the product.d) The last number is a check digit. This is used to make sure the bar code has been read correctly.

The bar codes on products are read by the EPOS tills at the checkouts.This is achieved by using a scanner, which sends out infra-red laser beams via aset of mirrors, enabling the bar code to be read at most angles.When an item is passed over the scanner, the black and white parts of thecode are detected by the laser, as the black parts reflect very little light whilst thewhite parts reflect most of the light. This is converted into electrical pulses whichare sent along the cables to the branch computer. The branch computer thensearches its stock file for the product matching the EAN number. When thisrecord is located the price and...
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