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An example of a business process: Credit card approval in a bank. An applicant submits an application. The application is reviewed first to make sure that the form has been completed properly. If not, it is returned for completion. The complete form goes through a verification of information. This is done by ordering a report from a credit company and calling references. Once the information is verified, an evaluation is done. Then, a decision (yes or no) is made. If the decision is negative, an appropriate rejection letter is composed. If the decision is positive, an account is opened, and a card is issued and mailed to the customer. The process, which may take a few weeks due to workload and waiting time for the verifications, is usually done by several individuals

An example of BPR application.
A typical problem with processes in vertical organizational structure is that customers must speak with various staff members for different inquiries. For example, if a bank customer
enters into
the bank
d to apply
for a loan,
apply for
an ATM
card and
open a
account, most probably must visit three different
desks in order to be serviced, as illustrated in
figure 2. When BPR is applied to an organization
the customer communicates with only one person, called "case manager", for all three inquiries, shown in figure 3.
manager completes an application for a loan in electronic form, which in turn is submitted through the network to the next team member, the credit control director, who examines the credit status of the customer. If the credit status is not satisfactory the rejection of the loan is approved by the credit manager and a rejection form is filled and it is returned to the case manager. The case manager explains to the customer the reason that his application was rejected.

On the other hand, if the credit status of the customer is satisfactory, the application is submitted electronically to the next team member, who...
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