Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper

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Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper
Michael A. Choi
July 22, 2014
Brigitte Culberson-Austin
Business Portfolio Presentation and Paper
The business organization of the consulting company is that the leadership group will work hands-on with the consultants to ensure internal customer knowledge and external customer satisfaction. The consultant staff will work with the sales staff for a week to understand the tasks that they have. The sales staff will work with the consultants at the business to better understand the customer’s expectation. The Human Resources Department will work all facets of the business to have an understanding, this will allow them to speak to performance issues if they should arise. The potential legal issues that this business might face are if there are inaccuracies with billing. The consultants will also face challenges with following both policies of the consulting company, and adhering to the policies of our client’s business. Failure to do so on our behalf will result in a breach of contract by our company. The ethical issues that the business will have is to act as if the consultant was an employee of the company. The consultant should refrain from the fraternization of employees of our client. Our client needs to know where they can optimize profit and fraternizing with their employees would hinder the consultant’s ability to give a fair assessment if they were looking to cut jobs to save costs. The business culture of the consulting firm will be customer-centric. Every employee with put the customer at the core of everything that we do. The leaders of the company will put the internal customers at their core and employees will put the clients at theirs. The company will build on the foundation of putting people first. The Human Resources Department will be in charge of following-up to ensure that we are executing at the highest level in this area. The company will use anonymous employee surveys and...
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