Business Plan Topic

Topics: Health care, Hospital, Emergency department Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Business Plan Topic
HCA311: Health Care Financing & Information Systems (BGG1247A) December, 2012

Business Plan Topic
In this paper, I will answer the questions listed in Chapter 24, Exhibit 24-2 “Basic Information for the Service or Equipment Description” as they pertain to your selected business. These questions will include : What the service specifically provides, Why this service is different and/or special, What the equipment specifically does, Why this equipment is different and/or special, Required training, if applicable, Regulatory requirements and/or impact, if any Courtesy of Baker and Baker, Dallas, Texas. The investment company, seeking funding/financing for a type of health care business that I chose, would be a Hospital or Clinic. A hospital has many services where they perform procedures on many patients for all different types of reasons. And the services that are specifically provided by a hospital or a Clinic would include: Emergency care, Maternity, Nursing, Surgery, pharmacy, and other specialties. “Most hospitals provide emergency care for traumas and other serious conditions. Emergency room staffs are prepared to provide triage and stabilize patients until they can be moved to a room or treated and released,” (Ray, 2009). The maternity Ward is where hospitals provide maternity care. This part of the hospital provides rooms to mothers so that they can give birth, nurse their babies, and help with recovery. And hospitals staff the largest number of nurses that work all over the hospital. These nurses work aside doctors and provide patients with care to help them recover. A hospital is able to provide patients with care for so many different medical reasons, so having the proper equipment for surgeries such as transplants, heart surgeries, and or repairing broken bones. “Hospitals provide pharmacy services that supply patients with medications as prescribed. In addition to providing inpatients with medicine, many hospital...

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