Business Plan to Reintroduce Cycle Rickshaws in Pakistan

Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: October 11, 2013
1)business description
Our cocept is to reintroduce the concept of rikshaws in Pakistan by introducing lightweight, sturdy and efficient cycle riclshaws.Amidst the current overload in the already existing transport system in the country, this has been a key area lookiong for a potential breakthrough and we believe we have found one. Cycle rickshaws are a unique and alternative form of transport. Unlike most of the modern forms of transport, THE CYCLE RICKSHAW will be a more cheaper and efficient means of transport especially between short distances. Luckily this service will be relatively new in Pakistan and therefore we believe there will be a large market for these rickshaws. For short distances it will be the most economical means of transport and in the present scenario where safeguarding the eco system is our top most priority, these rickshaws are pollution free hence, proving it to be environmentally friendly 2)industry background

Transportation is a very competetive market to survive in due to people having many options such as Auto rickshaws, public buses, metro cabs, taxis etc. Transportation in Pakistan is extensive and varied but still in its developing stages and serving a population of over 170 million people. Rickshaw are an important part of business, travel and everyday life in Pakistan.In Pakistan the general public has a lot to choose from ranging from motorcycle run rickshaws to mini buses to metro cabs..In developing countries most of the cities are congested with narrow roads. Due to an array of historical, political and other factors the broadening of our roads has remained a non-factor therefore non-polluting vehicles like cycle rickshaws provide an attractive transport system. With enlightened government policies of allowing only such vehicles in these areas, the cities of developing countries can become pollution free and livable. Furthermore, the recent ban on motorcycle rickshaws strengthens our case as large scale unemployment and a...
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