Business Plan: Spa

Topics: Balance sheet, Revenue, Variable cost Pages: 28 (7407 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Table of Contents



A.Description of the Business8
B.Vision and Mission Statement8
C.Description of Service8
D.Description of the Management Team9
E.Company History12
F.Business Strategy and Objectives12


A.Industry Overview12
B.Target Market14
C.Competitor Analysis15
D.Attractiveness of the Industry16
E.Anticipated Future Market18


A.Customer Interest18
B.Marketing Strategy21
C.Distribution and Sales Strategy22
D.Operations Plan22
E.Development Plan23


A. Current Financial Statements25
1.Balance Sheet25
2.Income statement26
3.Statement of Cash Flow27
B.Projected Financial Statements28
C. Break Even Analysis35
D. Ratio Analysis39
E. Sources and Uses of Funds40


A.Appendix 1: FLYERS42
B.Appendix 2: Service feasibility survey44
C.Appendix 3: Organizational Chart45
D.Appendix 4: Resumes46
E.Appendix 5: References55


For our Entrepreneurship class project, our aim was to start a sustainable and non-for-profit business serving the Al Akhawayn University students, faculty members, and administration. While Al Akhawayn offers its students educational, health, food, and physiological services, it does not however provide its students with available on campus beauty services. Many have complained about the strain of going off-campus in order to go to the esthetician, usually wasting a lot of time an effort for an errand that can be completed in less than a quarter of an hour. Thus, we thought that the most beneficial and successful venture would be to launch an on-campus beauty salon that offers high quality services and an opportunity for the Al Akhawayn community to treat itself and experience a change of atmosphere from time to time without needing to leave campus.


Concept Description
The AUI Spa is an on-campus beauty salon located in Al Akhawayn University Building 33. The hair styling, hair-removal, manicure, and massaging services will be provided by professional, using high quality products, in a hygienic and calming atmosphere. The company will be formed as a limited liability partnership that is non-for-profit and therefore using our services will be an opportunity for our customers to not only care after themselves but after its struggling neighbors. Opportunity

* Segments: Female population of Al Akhawayn University and a part of the male population. * Size: 2/3 of Al Akhawayn population (around 1200 potential customers) => the segments are growing each semester as the University is running out of rooms on campus and constructing new buildings on-campus Major features

What sets us apart from other beauty salons in Ifrane is not just our on-campus location but our luxury massaging service. None of the other beauty salons offer this service except for the Michlifen Spa. Since the masseuse that we have employed is the same masseuse that the Michlifen Hotel employs, we will be benefiting from their brand name. Benefits

One of the major benefits of our services is that our clients do not need to waste time, effort, and money to go on and off campus; they just need to go next door. Another significant benefit is the fact that all of the profit will be going to local charities. Marketing strategy

* Target customer: female students & staff at Al Akhawayn University, and a small percentage of male customers * Compelling need: aesthetic care and beauty care treatments * Problem solved: transportation and lack of time

* Distribution channel: direct
Service: Beauty Care and Massages
We will...
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