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Werizit Inc.|
Business Plan|

Executive Summary
Werizit Inc is an organization founded by Ayodele Sonupe. The company was founded in 2012 and has received no outside investments. Werizit is currently developing its first product, which is the Werizit App, an application that uses simple technology to help find missing items within a set radius in a short amount of time. Werizit’s objectives are ambitious yet achievable. We forecast monthly sales increases in the first year, and doubling again for the next year. We also forecast similar gross margin increases and net profit increases. With our flagship product, the Werizit App, we will maintain a significant market share in the App finder space. These goals will be maintained by adhering to three keys to success, market power, customer satisfaction, and the right management team.

The Market
Werizit represents a combination of various sections of already established markets, including; Radios and Apps. The App industry represents a $14.1 billion industry and is expected to grow at 5.7% compound annual growth. The radio tech industry is also has similar growth projections. Although there has been consolidation in the radio industry since the Telecommunication Act of 1996, the industry is still highly fragmented and growing at an 8.5% annual rate.

Competitors:  Bikn and Prey are some of the competitors that have launched within the last 18 months that help customers locate missing items. However, Werizit is the most affordable is the only concept with customized services and design model to meet the needs of individuals of all ages

The Product
Werizit inc is currently building its premier product, the Werizit app. The purpose of the app is to provide a unique product to customers assisting them in locating misplaced or stolen personal valuables such as wallets, key/ID cards, glasses, documents, etc. The app will prevent customers from spending unnecessary amounts of valuable time and money looking for lost or stolen items. It combines an easy-to-use, step-by-step interface full of guidance, and a help option.. The product ease of use in helping individual locate valuable items sets it apart from existing competitors.

The Strategy
We will build a simple app interface as well as portable radio transmitters and receivers, allowing us to provide more value for our target customers. We will develop a strong marketing infrastructure. This will be key for us to get our products out on the market. Werizit will remain focused on people within the age bracket of 45 -59, the segment that hasn’t been specifically catered for by existing competition. Lastly, We will focus on possible strategies for global expansion as we recognize the capability and the general acceptance that our product presents. 

Werizit's management team has extensive experience in the fields of Finance, marketing, Internet, and high-tech sectors. Ayodele Sonupe, Chief Executive Officer, has four years of professional experience in the field of finance and accounting for small businesses and national clients in banking, telecommunication and multimedia industries. Veronica Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, has five years of experience in the energy and high-tech industry. Don Stratton, Chief Technology Adivsor, has several years of experience as a software developer and technology consultant. He has experience launching a successful technology consulting partnership dedicated to serving the needs of small businesses. Marcus Atkinson, Web Application Advisor, has several years of programing and web-design experience in addition he has a Masters in Computer Science. Gautam Mattey, the Chief Marketing Officer is a sales and...
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