Business plan on Kaptai Lake

Topics: Karnaphuli River, Hotel, Kaptai Dam Pages: 7 (1683 words) Published: March 22, 2014


1. Executive Summary 1 2. Company Overview 3 3. Product and Service 4 4. Market and Industry Analysis

5. Marketing Plan
6. Operations Plan
7. Development Plan
8. Management
9. Competitive Advantage
10. Funding
11. Appendices

Executive Summary

Paradise City will be a multi-purpose resort planned to be located amongst the serene blues and greens of Kaptai Lake at Rangamati. The prime objective of Paradise City is to create and foster the rightful respect that the nature and its splendid attractions of Bangladesh deserve.

Rangamati is the biggest district in Bangladesh and Kaptai is one of its upazilas. Kaptai is situated near the Karnaphuli River. Karnaphuli Hydroelectric Power Station, the only Hydro-electric power plant of Bangladesh is located in Kaptai. Kaptai Lake is also the largest man made dam in Bangladesh. As of 2012 Kaptai has a population of over 70000 people. Due to Kaptai Lake every year thousands of tourists visit Kaptai to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Paradise City location, situated near the shores of Kaptai Lake, provides both the views of the lake and the mountains nearby. The development will feature modern architecture at its finest, offering spacious, ultra-luxurious settings and residences for both tourists and guests alike.

The primary components of Paradise City include a luxurious 4-star hotel name Paradise Luxury Hotel, along with this there will also be a Butterfly Park, Bird Park, 3D Cinema Hall and a River Cruise along the Kaptai Lake.

Our Finance Forecast for this Project is estimated between 35 to 50 Crore BDT. We are expecting Government will provide us with tax rebates if the venture becomes a major source of earning foreign currencies. Due to our low currency rate we think more tourists will be attracted to come here. If Bangladesh Army is given part ownership, the establishment of similar project by other companies will be strictly restricted.

We are interested in hiring as many local people as we can. We believe local employees knowledge about the area and their passion to work near their homes will make them more efficient and motivated to give their best at work. We will train the employees effectively to do their job and so that they can fame their local culture to visiting tourists.

We believe there is no luxurious hotel or motel in this particular area. There is only one Government rest house named Banoful which is accessible for people doing government services. There are other places like Joom Picnic spot, Chitmaram Buddhist Temple, Karnaphuli Paper Mill, Kaptai National Park etc. The combination of good living facilities with recreational opportunities has remained un-offered from any of the companies. That gives us a great opportunity to open the beauty of Kaptai to the whole world.

Our Promotional Strategies initially will be paid towards attracting local people. Then we will involve advertising firm so that work-load is shared. We will use Corporate Vertical Marketing System . We will also target the most crowded areas of Dhaka and Chittagong and assign billboards with advertisement. Small stalls in recognized super shops and shopping malls which will hold our leaflets. Lotteries will be held in this shopping malls where the winners will be awarded lucrative packages at The Paradise City. We will also inform all travel agencies of Paradise City so that they can aware all foreign tourists of our resort. We will also use the internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise our resort to the whole world.

We are strong supporter of Going Green. That is why we intend to recycle our products, save...
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