Business Plan of a Security Solution

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1.1 Business Objectives
Customer Objectives:
Provide a product which enables a homeowner to be alerted when they are not home and visitors are at their door. The product will provide the following services to the customer:

o The application sends push notifications to the customer’s mobile device when the doorbell button has been pressed. o The homeowner may prerecord messages to send to visitors. o The homeowner may establish a live voice connection with the visitor at the door. o The system provides the database for each and every client which is using the services of product. o The server helps to the clients for efficient services to them and always tries to rend the value addition services. o This server & database connects the homes doorbells with their mobile phones.
Supplier Objectives:
• It is the mainly mobile based applications so the main suppliers are the mobile companies and the software providers, that will decide the cost and price of the product.

o This product will be supplies by Microsoft .NET and it will be available on the Windows Phone 7. o The suppliers of the product are Microsoft and Visual Studios 2010. o For the tests and try of the product, many libraries would be the useful

• The business is mobile and software Application Company then it would make tie-ups with the various mobile and software companies to promote the product as well as trade in partners for obtaining new software and finances.

o Mobile partner will be NOKIA & SONY who will provide the information regarding the user of window 7 and Microsoft window in their phones. o The other partner for the providing the software is ACCENTURE & YAHOO, they will be act as the trade in partner when the upgrade the existing software and obtain new researches regarding the software.

• The company will provide the necessary services to the device at regular basis. As we will not only provide the solutions while we also provide the

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