Business Plan of a Juice Parlor

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Business Plan

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Introductory page

1.0The Business: The new idea.

The name of the juice bar: Rainbow

If a green coconut were served to you just like the one in the picture, wouldn’t you love it? It would be unimaginable to get a negative answer. Here is where we start the new idea, which is – To serve the people the real and unchanged taste of nature with a soft touch of modernization. It is only the fresh juice extracted from fruits and vegetables that comprise the real and

unchanged taste of nature. So to implement the new idea, nothing can be more appealing than setting up a juice bar.

In a general view it is actually nothing except serving the people fresh juice. But in a specialized view it is much more than that. What we believe is that a difference is created not in what is being served; rather the difference is created in how it is being served. It is not the people’s view and perception; rather it is an entrepreneur’s view and perception through the people’s eyes and minds. So the main idea behind the juice bar is actually to create a prospect for the people to discover and explore the different tastes of nature, at the same time bringing in money for the entrepreneurs.

By observing and carrying out an exploratory research, we have found that there aren’t any exclusive juice bars in Dhaka city. Some restaurants, fast-food shops, bakeries, and confectionaries do serve fresh juice, but only as an option to their existing menus. Besides the fresh juice served in these places doesn’t have much variety in taste and serving approach. Customers also don’t have many options to select from.

The idea is to set up an exclusive juice bar, which will provide the customers so many options that the customers will find it difficult to select only a single option. The customers will get to taste from an unexplored array of foreign options: strawberry, blue berry, black berry, plum, orchid, pear, rock melon, apricot, cherry and many more fruits and vegetables. Besides the customers will have the opportunity to discover new tastes and flavors of the local fruits and vegetables.

To make the juice bar really exclusive, serving approach, environment, and location are also important factors. Environment can be copied, and location can be shifted; so it is actually the serving approach that differentiates a service in the market. The picture already gives an idea of the serving approach to be followed. Therefore let’s get the new idea of setting up an exclusive juice bar to the wheels.

1.1The nature of business:

The company name and brand are very important concepts of the 21st century business environment. A company should be named in such a way so that it reflects the business of the company. It should also be appealing to the target segment. When the customers through the name recognize a company, the name becomes a brand. A brand creates an image of the company’s products or services in the minds of the customers.

Taking all this factors in mind we have decided to name the juice bar as “Rainbow”. As we all know, rainbow is a perfect combination of seven colors. Our juices bar as diversified as rainbow. We will sell various types of juice, which are not only colorful but also tasty. Our dialogue will be: “Colorful life in every sip”. The dialogue urges that our juices are so tasty and refreshing; it will...
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