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Topics: Cash flow, Cash flow statement, Management Pages: 18 (6682 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Marshalls Nursery
Bachelors Capstone Final Project

Matthew J Marshall

Darlene Ringhand

Table of Contents

Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description)2
Section 2: Code of Conduct3
Section 3: Marketing Plan (Strategy and SWOT)4
Section 4: Operations5
Section 5: Finance6
Section 6: Cash Flow Analysis7
Section 7: Information Management8
Section 8: Management Summary9

Starting a new/ successful business can be one of the hardest things that a person can do in their life. The business can come second to nothing in life , not even your family. This is often where people make the mistake and get in to deep. Planning is just the beginning but is the most important aspect of the whole process. According to Uggla and Filipsson developing a company brand is one of the most important aspects of starting a business also. They used examples like Adidas, H&M and Microsoft as good companies to look at as examples. A strong foundation to a business will be a huge help in making the business successful and profitable as quickly as possible.

This being said the business that I would love to open is a garden center or nursery. Marshalls is going to be a leader in indoor tropical houseplants and foliage. We will not only sell the plants but offer landscaping services and free classes to customers on how to maintain the plants that they do have. I have worked in this field my entire life and have seen many businesses of this type come and go for many reasons. I feel that after working in the field for 12 years I have a good grasp on the reasons why people were successful and unsuccessful. This alone will help me dramatically in the formation of the business because I will not make many of the same mistakes that other companies I have worked for made in the past.

The vision that I have for Marshall’s nursery is to have broken even within the first two years of operation and be not only profitable but also the largest nursery in southeastern Michigan. I also want to introduce hundreds of uncommon types of plants to this region for in home growing. Being the biggest importer of tropical orchids and foliage is also very important to the successes of Marshalls. Anyone can sell the basic impatient and marigolds, I would love to go one step above this and show people it is possible to grow tropical and unique plants indoors.

At Marshalls nursery our mission statement for this is simple: We want to sell unique tropical plants to our consumers at fair prices. Our consumer will not only gain the plant when they come into Marshalls but they will also gain knowledge. We will have only people that have experience in the field working hands on with the customers. Marshalls offers “how to” clinics on the weekends and for a small fee will also come out and help you plant whatever is bought at the store. The company will also sell only organic pesticides and fertilizers to consumers to ensure the safety of the environment and families. We will be leaders in the community by not only donating plants but also donating our time to serve the community.

The management style will have to evolve as the company gets bigger over the first 5 years or so. In the first couple years while I build my staff the management style will most likely be autocratic. I personally will be in charge and tell everyone what to do. I believe that you shouldn’t give employees to much say in things till after they have shown not only competency but also built trust with the people they are working with. I believe this is also fair considering that I have sunk all of my self emotionally and financially into the business and I want it ran this way until I at least start profiting. After I have started profiting and have built a good core of employees it will without a doubt turn more in the way of being run permissively. Employees should have the ability to make adjustments...

References: Wilkinson, M. (2009). Small is good. Charter, 80(11), 23-25. Retrieved from Business Source Complete Database.
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