Business Plan Future Music

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Future Music Plan

Mark Muir

Executive Summary

Absorbed Entertainment has been chosen to show case Future Music Festival to the Gold Coast for its first time ever and we have set goals to make it the new home for this fantastic music event.

Absorbed Entertainment has put together this business plan for our client Future Entertainment so that they can get a clear and exact idea of how Future Music Festival 2010 will be organised, planed and paid for.

In this business plan you will find a detailed overview on how Future Music Festival will run the day. It includes a Gantt chart and a Scope that breaks it down in to more information. Also it contains staging information, contractor quotes, SWOT, Risk & Recourse analysis and detailed budget. This will allow you to have more of an exact idea of on how long each procedure will take and how we achieve the goals we set.

We have also included a marketing overview so that we may ensure that maximum tickets are sold and it will so allow Future Entertainment to understand the target market that is attracted to this event, and to see where and when most ticket sales were made.

A survey was also developed to be used as an evaluation tool so that festival goers to complete about the festival. From this survey, it allowed Absorbed Entertainment to gather statistical data used to write three different reports including graphs so that you can get a clear idea of what each report is about. Absorbed Entertainment then distributed these graphs to the Client, Sponsors and the Gold Coast Council.

Table of Contents

Resource Analysis12
Letter of Agreement13
Gantt Chart18
Organisation Chart28
Media Release30
Risk Analysis33
Quality Management34
Evaluation Overview35
Evaluation Questionnaire36
Agenda & Minutes42
Appendix List43


Doug Jennings Park situated in Main beach, a 20 min walk from Surfers Paradise, the Doug Jennings Park is the perfect place for holding music events such as the Future Music Festival.

Theming and event design

Future Music Festival theme, light show with special effects

Avcom Staging Production will be responsible of the organisation of those points: Avcom Staging
1/210 Queensport Road Nth,
Murarrie QLD 4172
Phone 07 3907 0033
Fax 07 3907 0012

Lights & Other

9 led waterfall lights, 350 Lasers, 90 Gigga strobe 1500W , 30 Pinspot for mirror balls, 45 gobo flower, 25 Colour Blaster DMX2

18 Smoke machine, 15 fog machine, and 25 big bubble machines.

The power required is three phase.

Audiovisual and Special Effect

The Audiovisual is one of the biggest parts of this event, 5 big screens and 35 huge sub bass speakers and 40 Jackhammers will surround the field. Lasers, Waterfall lights, gigga strobe, pinspot, gobo flower and colour blaster will be disposed on the stage for an astonishing light show.

Decoration and Props

Future Music Festival will be responsible for the decoration and props with a gold and black theme. Massive band rolls will be disposed on the stages with the Future Music Festival logo and names of the sponsors. Flags will also be disposed all around the three stages. There also will be massive screens set up on the stages so the public can see the performer.


There will be five stages of the same size (about 30m wide and 15m long). Behind the stages there will be green rooms so that the performers can relax and have interviews with the media if needed. As well at the green rooms there will be catered food.


The event will open its door at 12 pm. Toilets, food and beverage will be available. A catering agent will be needed as well as staff. There will be fast-foods and pastry stalls but also bars serving water, soft-drink, and alcohol. A few water-points will...
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