business plan for a cupcake shop

Topics: Management, Small business, Strategic management Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 3, 2013
examining your expenditures and cost savings and helping you get a better grip on cash flow and budgeting.

With our systematic approach and experience, you gain answer and insight on questions such as: •How can you maximize cash flow and profitability?
What are the components of fair compensation and return? •How is your company performing compared to industry standards? •What is your company’s transferable value?
Is your business strategy effectively increasing your company’s value and your personal income? •(1) Product Decisions for your Cake Business
You need to make product decisions. This means you need to decide what type of cakes you are going to make and sell. For example you can decide to open organic cake business which means you are going to make and sell organic cakes. On the other hand you can decide to make fancy and good looking little cakes for events such as birthdays, parties, etc. Or you can approach your cake business based on the type of cakes you are good at - maybe everyone already knows how good your cakes are and you have already specialized in some types of cakes. So your product decisions are answering the question what kind of cakes am I going to make and market. •(2) Market Decisions for your Cake Business

The second step after you make your product decision is your market decision. This means you need to decide on your market - what market are you going to target with your cake business. Your market decision will depend on two major decisions: A. the product you already decided to sell and B. the size of your business. For example your target market will depend on the product type - the target market for organic cakes and other cakes will be different. When defining your target market consider the geographical area of your market, the age of your typical customer, etc. •(3) Financial Decisions for your Cake Business

Your finance decision is next. How much money do you need to create the product / cake you...
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