Business Plan for Tasfia Plastics

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Business plan of “ TASFIA PLASTICS”|

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Mohammad Sakif Amin
BUS 101, Sec-23

Prepared by:
* Tasfia Hossain Trisha
ID: 0910608030
* Monira Sultana
ID: 1211047630
* Sajad Alam
ID: 1130857030
* S.M. Faisal
ID: 1020937030

At the very beginning, our heartfelt gratitude goes to the almighty Allah who has turned all our efforts into an end. We are really indebted to our Course Instructor Mohammad Sakif Amin for his valuable suggestions and guidance in preparing this report. Without his help and guidance it would never be easy for us to stay on the correct track and finish our report timely.

We would like to thank our course instructor for giving us such an opportunity to work on this report. The report helped us a lot to enrich our knowledge. We got an overall idea how to make business plan which will definitely help us in our future career.

Executive summery
The whole paper is about the business plan for a proposed business venture titled “Tasfia Plastics”. It is a manufacturing business in a partnership form which will manufacture Artificial insemination hand gloves and tubes for veterinary purpose. The background part briefly describes the artificial insemination project in Bangladesh. It includes the researches, primary and secondary data and all the discussions about the whole project on the basis of which we are proposing the business plan. In the part of industry analysis, we have the PESTEL analysis which describes all the factors that might and will affect the whole business. in this we have the political, legal, economic, technological and the social factors. The industry analysis also describes the porter’s five forces analysis, Abell’s framework and the brief SWOT analysis of the business. then we have the description of the venture which gives a chance to look into the business at a glance. The marketing plan discusses about the famous marketing mix/ 7p’s model and the promotional activities that we have proposed in this paper. It will give us the clear idea about the whole plan on how we are going to market our product and our business. here we have detailed the marketing plan for the first year In a monthly basis. The marketing plan is not going to work well if there Is not sufficient production which covers it. A detailed manufacturing process, machineries, physical outline of the plant, and a detailed production outline is included here to show potential investors how this business is going to operate and how things are going to be done. Then comes the operational plan which identifies the proposed operational plan for Tasfia plastics. Included are the general operating procedures, human resources, insurance, and working capital requirements of the business. Also included is a table outlining the office space requirements, asset acquisition and an outline of Tasfia plastics's operational work flow. In the next part we have focused and illustrated the complete organizational plan. We will discuss the form of ownership, details about the principal shareholders, how the business will be managed, authorized and all the roles and responsibilities of members of the organization. In short, we will discuss how this business firm will be organized in terms of ownership, authority and management. Risks are undeniably essential part of every business venture. Though it implies all the negative impacts for the business but we can use it as the inspirations to do better under extreme conditions and adverse situations. Therefore in this paper we have tried to find out the weaknesses of the business so that the entrepreneurs can try to find out the solutions/preventive measures ahead of the time of occurance and stay ahead by assuming the ways of how they can implement contingency plans whenever those are needed. Finally the financial plan which describes the assumptions, different types of...

References: 1. Brac began to promote artificial insemination as a means……(
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