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Business Plan for Personal Trainer

By dacadu1 Dec 06, 2008 1860 Words


Exercise Science

October 27, 2008

Mission Statement
The trainers at XX Fitness dedicated to showing my clients innovations in high performance conditioning and functional strength training. I will give you routines and programs designed to develop people who are always ready for whatever life may throw at them. I will simplify the often confusing and complex world of physical fitness. My training methods emphasize low-tech/high-effect methods. You do not need fancy equipment or a luxury gym to achieve elite physical fitness. Whether you are an athlete, soldier, weekend warrior, or novice, I can help you achieve your goals. If you are willing to put in the work, you will find a trainer that will inspire you, challenge you, and most importantly support you as you reach your true potential.


What Motivates Me

I train on the principles that every client I encounter may have different goals and I adjust to each client giving them different workouts with their goals in mind. I understand the difference between the ways a novice lifter should lift and how an intermediate/advanced trainee lifts. I started weight training with my high school wrestling team in the off-season. About a year removed from wrestling I still weight lift knowing that it has had a positive effect on my life. Helping people progress and improve their way of living is my major motivation to be a personal trainer. If I can get my clients to progress I know it will have carryover into their regular lives.

Business Description

XX Fitness will provide services for people all throughout Brooklyn, but I can make exceptions for those who want to try my services in private facilities located along Manhattan. Feel free to contact me by email or phone to set up an appointment and free trail session. The free trail session serves as a brief overview of what I can offer as a trainer and how I can design effective programs relevant to your goals as a trainee. After an evaluation and a brief interview on what you hope to accomplish in your time spent with me. Novice trainees will be introduced to basic strength and flexibility exercises while improving on muscle balances before undergoing a basic program that utilizes linear progression. It is important that novice lifter build a good foundation for strength in the first months of training and to develop proper technique in exercises. If an intermediate/advanced trainee chooses to train under me I will go straight ahead and develop a program suited to their goals. Sessions usually last an hour to a one-hour and a half and a limited amount of guest passes will be distributed to each client allowing them to take any friend(s) they want but not more than three due to time constraints and keeping intensity throughout the session. Starting prices are 60 dollars per hour/session, or 800 dollars per month. Other payment plans are available and can be negotiated upon further contact.



Goals and Objectives

Besides helping my clients reach their goals I would also like achieve long and short-term goals myself. Firstly I would like to acquire a bachelor’s degree in exercise science after obtaining my associates degree at (insert school name). I believe the more education I have in the learning field of physical studies the more clients will respect my methods of training. Another short-term goal of mine is to get two nationally recognized certifications like N.S.C.M., A.C.S.M., or ACE, so in case I ever need to move I will still have sufficient credentials and one that’s worthwhile getting. Right now I’m open to working with clients of any gender, age, or ability, but as I progress as a trainer I would like to specialize in training young males and females, and not older people primarily for the reason that I cant really connect with elders having not yet experienced what they have, whereas with a younger male or female I would be able to draw on my past experiences to train them properly and not let them make the same mistakes that I have and also they are other variables like how much intensity should I train elders with? How much weight should I use? That would make it almost impossible for me to effectively train an elder without hurting him/her. A long-term goal of mine would be to gain enough clientele to the point where I’m training 40 hours a week, the experience I can build through training clients constantly will help to know what I can expect when eventually I do get enough money to make a gym. Having a gym of my own and hiring other personal trainers who are focused and motivated as I am towards building healthy lifestyles amongst the community would be a great achievement for me.


Industry and Market Description
The personal training business has experienced a surge in the last ten years or so. Many people are realizing that exercise is a key component in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and with the availability of personal training nowadays all people have to do is go to a local health club to have a sense of well being. “Personal training still is the most successful program for retaining newcomers” according to Other significant findings include;

| |2003 (mean) |2004 (mean) | |Member Accounts as of Jan. 1st |2,987 |3,043 | |Accounts Added |1,005 |999 | |Accounts Dropped |901 |867 | |Accounts as of Dec. 31st |3,091 |3,174 |

Employment of fitness workers is expected to increase 27 percent over the 2006-2016 decade, much faster than the average for all occupations. These workers are expected to gain jobs because an increasing number of people are spending time and money on fitness, and more businesses are recognizing the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees. Aging baby boomers are concerned with staying healthy, physically fit, and independent. Moreover, the reduction of physical education programs in schools, combined with parents’ growing concern about childhood obesity, has resulted in rapid increases in children’s health club membership. Increasingly, parents are also hiring personal trainers for their children, and the number of weight-training gyms for children is expected to continue to grow. Health club membership among young adults also has grown steadily, driven by concern with physical fitness and by rising incomes. As health clubs strive to provide more personalized service to keep their members motivated, they will continue to offer personal training and a wide variety of group exercise classes. Participation in yoga and Pilates is expected to continue to increase, driven partly by the aging population that demands low-impact forms of exercise and seeks relief from arthritis and other ailments. Opportunities are expected to be good for fitness workers because of rapid job growth in health clubs, fitness facilities, and other settings where fitness workers are concentrated. In addition, many job openings will stem from the need to replace the large numbers of workers who leave these occupations each year. Part-time jobs will be easier to find than full-time jobs. According to the U.S. Department of labor “earnings of successful self employed trainers can be much higher than the national average $41,040.” This gives extra incentive towards those fitness enthusiasts looking to get in the business themselves (


Marketing Plan
As a new trainer I will have to find a way to get myself noticed by the general public and to draw in new clients. One thing I will do to make myself relevant in the community is to pass out flyers and volunteer at a recreational center to get possible customers acquainted with myself give them a small sample of what I can provide for them. Other things I will do include taking out an ad in the local neighborhood paper, sponsoring a local little league team with the intention of maybe gaining respect from the players parents, and notoriety that I care about the kids in the community who will be the future of it. Another way I can market myself is by making a website and posting some testimonials from former clients. The website can also serve as resume of sorts showing all my credentials. If XX Fitness can affect enough clients positively it may prompt them to pass on my business cards to friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances alike.



Sales Plan
After marketing I should be receiving calls from potential clients interested in my services. In order to close the deal and gain a new client I must have a sales plan. Firstly I will ask them to either have an interview over the phone or schedule a meeting, it will depend on which procedure is more convenient for them or what they more comfortable doing. In the interview/meeting I will let the client know about my credentials, then I will ask him/her what his/her goals are, after this I will give a brief description of my training methods and any available spots on my schedule, then we will go over session prices and special deals. If any client objects to my terms or tries to negotiate prices with me I will try to identify the catalyst that keeps them from exercising, assure the potential client that we can improve on weaknesses and provide solutions to keep them motivated. I will make the client realize that it is up to him whether or not he wants to live a healthy life and that if/when he is ready to make the change, to call so we can help the client as a team get him to where he wants to be.



Operating Procedure
Once XX Fitness gets up and running I will continue to please clients who choose to stay with me by cutting down on monthly rates and providing accommodating payment plans. As I broaden my horizons and continue my education and complete additional credential requirements I will charge a higher flat rate to newer clients, also I will purchase the proper insurance so I’m not liable for any injuries my clients endure. I will change up workout routines as clients become more experienced and include variety in their workouts. As more money starts going in I will use a set budget to purchase a television and radio advertisement and I will bill with WU forms. As clientele rises I will have to hire more trainers to keep up.



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Exercise Science 09

November 23, 2008

Table of Contents:

Page 1. Mission Statement
Page 2. Business Description
Page 3. Goals and Objectives
Page 4. Industry and Market Description
Page 5. Marketing Plan
Page 6. Sales Plan
Page 7. Operating Procedures


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