Business Plan for Personal Trainer

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Exercise Science

October 27, 2008

Mission Statement
The trainers at XX Fitness dedicated to showing my clients innovations in high performance conditioning and functional strength training. I will give you routines and programs designed to develop people who are always ready for whatever life may throw at them. I will simplify the often confusing and complex world of physical fitness. My training methods emphasize low-tech/high-effect methods. You do not need fancy equipment or a luxury gym to achieve elite physical fitness. Whether you are an athlete, soldier, weekend warrior, or novice, I can help you achieve your goals. If you are willing to put in the work, you will find a trainer that will inspire you, challenge you, and most importantly support you as you reach your true potential.


What Motivates Me

I train on the principles that every client I encounter may have different goals and I adjust to each client giving them different workouts with their goals in mind. I understand the difference between the ways a novice lifter should lift and how an intermediate/advanced trainee lifts. I started weight training with my high school wrestling team in the off-season. About a year removed from wrestling I still weight lift knowing that it has had a positive effect on my life. Helping people progress and improve their way of living is my major motivation to be a personal trainer. If I can get my clients to progress I know it will have carryover into their regular lives.

Business Description

XX Fitness will provide services for people all throughout Brooklyn, but I can make exceptions for those who want to try my services in private facilities located along Manhattan. Feel free to contact me by email or phone to set up an appointment and free trail session. The free trail session serves as a brief overview of what I can offer as a trainer and how I can design effective programs relevant to your goals as a trainee. After an evaluation and a brief interview on what you hope to accomplish in your time spent with me. Novice trainees will be introduced to basic strength and flexibility exercises while improving on muscle balances before undergoing a basic program that utilizes linear progression. It is important that novice lifter build a good foundation for strength in the first months of training and to develop proper technique in exercises. If an intermediate/advanced trainee chooses to train under me I will go straight ahead and develop a program suited to their goals. Sessions usually last an hour to a one-hour and a half and a limited amount of guest passes will be distributed to each client allowing them to take any friend(s) they want but not more than three due to time constraints and keeping intensity throughout the session. Starting prices are 60 dollars per hour/session, or 800 dollars per month. Other payment plans are available and can be negotiated upon further contact.



Goals and Objectives

Besides helping my clients reach their goals I would also like achieve long and short-term goals myself. Firstly I would like to acquire a bachelor’s degree in exercise science after obtaining my associates degree at (insert school name). I believe the more education I have in the learning field of physical studies the more clients will respect my methods of training. Another short-term goal of mine is to get two nationally recognized certifications like N.S.C.M., A.C.S.M., or ACE, so in case I ever need to move I will still have sufficient credentials and one that’s worthwhile getting. Right now I’m open to working with clients of any gender, age, or ability, but as I progress as a trainer I would like to specialize in training young males and females, and not older people primarily for the reason that I cant really connect with elders having not yet experienced what they have, whereas with a younger male or female I would be able to draw...

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