Business Plan for Meat & Vegetables

Topics: Balance sheet, Asset, Cash flow Pages: 21 (9429 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Business Plan for Meat & Vegetable Supermarket
January 2012

Gatkuoth Kun Dar (2012)
Head Office: Bentiu Trading Centre (Kalibalek Market) behind State Directorate of Commerce, Industry & Cooperative Development; Tel: +211 956 363 078, +211 956 362 639. Box Private Bag, Bentiu, Unity State, South Sudan; E-mail: 1.0Table of Contents


2.0Executive Summary

This business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets. The narrative template is the body of this business plan. When we finished writing our first draft, we were having a collection of small essays on the various topics of this business plan. Then we thoroughly edited them into a smooth-flowing narrative. Therefore, the real value of creating our business plan is not in having the finished product in hand; rather, the value lies in the process of researching and thinking about our business in a systematic way. The act of planning would help us to think things through thoroughly, study and research if we are not sure of the facts. It takes time now, but avoids costly, perhaps disastrous, mistakes later. It typically took several weeks to complete this business plan. Most of that time was spent in research and re-thinking our ideas and assumptions. But then, that’s the value of the process. This business plan is going to be useful in a number of ways. Here are some of the reasons not to skip this valuable tool. First and foremost, it will define and focus our objective using appropriate information and analysis. We shall use it as a selling tool in dealing with important relationships including our lenders, investors and banks. We shall use the plan to solicit opinions and advice from people, including those in our intended field of business, who will freely give us invaluable advice. Too often, entrepreneurs forge ahead ("My Way!" or “I Know”) without the benefit of input from experts who could save them a great deal of wear and tear. "My Way" or “I know” is a great song, but in practice can result in unnecessary hardships. Our business plan can uncover omissions and/or weaknesses in our planning process. The construction of modern housing and commercial infrastructure is taking shape in Bentiu town. Roads connecting the State capital of Bentiu to counties are in place and expanding. Livestock is in abundant, but no value added is being achieved from that, with minor positive effect on the local economy or on the household economy, mostly dominated by cattle.

3.0General Company Description

The “Naath Enterprise’s Meat & Vegetable Supermarket” - provides a wide range of meat & vegetables as well as other goods & services (Beef; Mutton; Goat meat; Fresh & dry Fish; Fresh & Sour milk; Hides & Skins; Potatoes; Tomatoes; Cabbages; Kales; Oranges; Bananas; Pineapples; Apples; Mangoes; Lemons; green leaves; gum African; Honey & Toilet, Showers & Laundry services). The Naath Enterprise’s vision - is “to be the most trustful commercial goods & services supplier in Unity State”. The mission - is “to be the most sincere commercial goods & services supplier in Unity State”. The goal - is “to significantly increase the incomes and economic security of the Partners & consumers for the betterment of households”. The Objective - is “to increase the availability of a wider range of goods & services to local population and their use of those services in a profitable manner”. There are special markets conditions that are favorable to our getting started at this time since, the demand for such...
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