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Business Objectives---------------------------------------------------- P.2 Executive Summary---------------------------------------------------- P.3 Methodology------------------------------------------------------------ P.4 Background of EGL Tour Company Ltd---------------------------- P.5 Mission & Objectives-------------------------------------------------- P.6 In-depth SWOT Analysis---------------------------------------------- P.7~9 Market Segment--------------------------------------------------------- P.10 Service Concept--------------------------------------------------------- P.11~12 Operating Strategies---------------------------------------------------- P.13 Service Delivery Systems--------------------------------------------- P.13 Market and Competitor Analysis------------------------------------- P.14~15 Problems and difficulties---------------------------------------------- P.16 Recommendations----------------------------------------------------- P.17 Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------- P.18 Reference--------------------------------------------------------------- P.19

Business Objectives
For this report, we would like to analysis the EGL Tours Company Limited (EGL) from different perspectives, including market segment, service concept, service & operation strategies, SWOT analysis etc. And recommend to investor if the company we choose is sound to invest. On the basis of the result, we can separate internal and external objectives. Internal

According to the market segment, it represents the adequate of customer sources by EGL or not. If not, we would like to increase the profit by the expansibility of target customers. Furthermore, the explanation of the service concept can trace the sufficient and affectivity facilities and packages provide to customer. Besides, analyze of the services & operation strategies can show the financial condition and the employees as well as the service quality. Finally, the SWOT analysis can find out how strengths and weakness of EGL by the above outcome, also, to attract more customers and increase the revenue by the internal problems and improvement. External

Refer to this report, it shows EGL is worth for invest or not and the degree of investors invest in this company by the competitiveness and potential to public. Executive Summary
This report is about the business plan of EGL Tour Company Ltd., especially focus on their service provided to their customers. Nowadays, there is great competition between travel agencies in Hong Kong, thus we need to understand and analysis the current situation of EGL in order to enhance its competitiveness.

There are 3 types of market segment in EGL. They are mainly focus on groups of middle income families who are always travel with their family members. Besides, they usually travel in holidays. Second are teenagers as they have few travels experience and willing to make new try. Also, Teenagers prefer freestyle travel experience and plan the itinerary by themselves. Last type of market segment is couples; EGL provides the new product which is Honeymoon packages. It can attract more couples to join as they want to have a special and unforgettable pre or post wedding travel experience.

We use Michael Framework to analyze the market situation of EGL. Moreover, there are several ways that the company can receive comments and complaints from customers in order to improve itself.

As a successful company in the industry, it needs to prove itself that it is worth for investment. If it has enough capital in Hong Kong, it could expand its business to overseas. Methodology
To do this business plan, we have several ways in research. We get the information through visiting the website of EGL, Wing On Travel, Hang Tai Travel to find out the services and search tool as well as the basic information of the agency and competitors. Also, we visited a few branches to get more information...
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