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Brinksma Derline, Odorico Camille, Sicard Olivia
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March 20, 2013
DKNY Report
Relationships between DKNY and PETA

Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is a label founded by fashion designer Donna Karan. Interested in fashion since she was very young and having designed numerous collections, Karan was hired by Anne Klein who launched her career in the fashion industry. Today, Karan has expanded her label worldwide. PETA is an American animal rights organization and a non-profit corporation that claims to be the largest animal rights group in the world whose slogan is "we’d rather go naked than wear fur.” In 2005, around 8 years ago, DKNY was reproached by PETA for DKNY’s use of fur in their clothing production, which created a huge scandal leading to campaigns and protests. After long negotiations, the chief executive of DKNY promised PETA that “they had no plan to use fur in the future” (Bigus, 5) and that they will respect the animal cause. However, a few months later, DKNY broke its promises in using fur once again in its products. As a result, PETA launched a campaign against DKNY, using with personal attacks through social networks. This is not a problem that DKNY can ignore further, as it is affecting sales due to the changing image of the brand in people’s minds, from a luxury brand to a brand that does not respect the rights of animals. DKNY should reconsider the problem in order to, first, gain a better brand image and secondly, to have a new market share that includes animal-rights defenders. Without action, DKNY will probably lose customers so this is not something they can take lightly.

This report will look at:
1. DKNY’s history
2. PETA’s history
3. The practices of Chinese farm and fur in clothing industry 4. The relationships between DKNY and PETA
5. Recommendations for action

1. DKNY’s history
Donna Karan New York (DKNY), created by Donna Karan proposes “functional and interchangeable”...

References: Bigus, Paul. “Bunny Butcher: PETA Protests Donna Karan New York”. Richard Ivey School of Business Journal. Version 2011-10-06: 1-7. Print.
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