Business Plan ( Dhaka University)

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A Business plan

Submitted To:
Rajib Alam
Department Of Marketing
University Of Dhaka

Submitted By
Group: Apocalypse
Section: B
11th Batch
Department Of Marketing
University Of Dhaka

Date of Submission:

Group: Apocalypse

01Md. Mahbub Ur Rahman Bhuiyan016
02Md. Rezwanul Hoque Sarker106
03Md. Hasibul Karim114
04Md. Taiabur Rahman179

Date: 17—07-2008

Rajib Alam
Department Of Marketing
University Of Dhaka

Dear Sir,
Here is our new business plan.

As you will see, in the business plan we have pointed out to some specific things of this business plan. We are confident that this report will help better understand about our business plan As a student of the Department of Marketing we appreciate having this kind of assignment. If you need any assistance in interpreting this report or in implementing the recommendation, please let us know about it. We shall be happy to help you.

Sincerely Yours,



It is with affection and appreciation that we acknowledge our indebtedness to our sir Rajib Alam lecturer, Department of Marketing, University Of Dhaka, who initiated us to do business plan.

We are also very thankful to our parents for their enthusiastic support and encouragement during the preparation of the report. We would also like to give our heartiest thanks to the people who have helped us by providing us information about how to initiate a new business.

Table of Contents.

Sl.DescriptionPage no.
1Description of business5
2Executive summary6-7
3Vision & Mission statement8
4Industry analysis9-10
5Competitor analysis11
6Description of venture12-14
7We are15
8The process of water hyacinth16-17
9Organizational plan18-24

Hyacinth Group of industries
Baridhara, DOHS
Lane no- 9
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I.Md. Hasibul Karim
II.Taiyabur Rahman
III.Rezwanul Houque
IV.Mahbubur Rahman

Description of Business:

Our business will reach all income level of people with our eco-friendly water hyacinth home décor including furniture, carpet, light shade, tissue box and so many products with artistic value.


Initial financing requested 1, 00, 00,000tk loan to be paid off over 5 years. This debt will cover office space, office equipment, machineries, raw materials, advertising cost and selling cost.

This report is confidential and is the property of the co-owners listed above. It is intended only for use by the persons to whom it is transmitted, and any reproduction or divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written consent of the company is prohibited. Executive Summary

During late 90s, furniture business emerges as an important field of modern furniture industry. It has change up its traditional materials and design, many new raw-materials being added in furniture industry and many types of modern shape and new furniture being emerges.

The furniture industry in Bangladesh has been growing at the rate of 15% per year but it has been a lopsided growth with the balance tilting in favor of the panel wood furniture. Furniture industry is spreading up with the passage of time. But this sector is fighting with a lot of problems and limitations. In this report we try to find out the real picture of furniture industry in Bangladesh & the potentiality of this business in Bangladesh through analyzing all the facts.

Main problem of this furniture business in Bangladesh is the inadequate supply of raw materials. Another problem is terrorist’s threat. They are use to collect a high range...
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