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Coffee Shop for $ 50-100 thousand
Coffee boom that seized America, and then Portugal, has come to us.Is explained by the fact that the growing popularity of refreshing drink in the population, attracts more and more attention to this business. Existing Place of public may be divided into three categories: -Coffee house, so to speak, in its purest form, where the visitor suggest several varieties of coffee. - Coffee house with the addition of the "kitchen", which attracts customers not only the coffee menu but also the possibility of a tasty and inexpensive meal. Most of the customers in set meals (lunches) and breakfast. - Coffee Shop - a bookstore, a favorite place of party intellectuals:writers, journalists and inveterate book lovers. Over coffee here it is possible read your favorite book or learn the news of the book market. Should be distinguished from the usual coffee cafe.

First, Coffee Shop offers enhanced assortment number coffee and coffee prepared on the basis of drinks. Second, this place is more democratically and offers a pleasant leisurely conversation. Therefore the future owners of such establishments need to be prepared for the fact that customers will stay long here longer than in a normal cafe. Idea, concept

First, you need to pay attention to the development of of the concept the institution. This is the cornerstonewhich in many respects determines the success of coffee. In the interior fast-service places emphasis on of coffee as the primary attribute. Place your bets on impeccable service, delicious cuisine original design dishes offered, unusual interior decoration disciplined waiters and special mood. Visitors have to want to return to the coffeehouse and on. It will be a classic style. How much it costs

According to experts, in order to open kofeynyuna 20-30 seats in business need to invest at least $ 50 thousand. Payback period of coffee - 1,5-3 years. Licensing documentation
Package permits to open a coffee...
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