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A business plan is never the work of anyone alone. The contributions of many different people, in their different ways, have made this possible. We would like to extend our appreciation especially to the following. Thank God for the wisdom and perseverance that he has been bestowed upon us during this business plan thesis, and indeed, throughout our lives: "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." (Philippians 4: 13) Our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for their continual support and encouragement throughout this year Ms. Annabelle Alova for making this research possible, Her support, guidance, advice throughout the business plan, as well as her pain-staking effort in proof reading the drafts, are greatly appreciated. Indeed, without her guidance, we would not be able to put the topic together. Thanks Ms. Alova. University of Saint La Salle for encouraging us to undertake the Entrepreneurship course from their advertisements. The experience has been an interesting and rewarding one. Of course, this project would not have been possible without the participation of the subjects. Last but not least, we would like to thank our parents for their unconditional support both financially and emotionally throughout our degree. In particular, the patience and understanding shown by our mom, dad and siblings during this year is greatly appreciated. I know, at times, our temper is particularly trying. Executive Summary

The business of laundry services in Bacolod City specifically in La Salle Avenue area is a need that will serve as a great help to many people from saving time in their individual agendas. After analyzing this situation the proponents will register a firm with the name of Bubbles and Soap. The name basically comes from the basic components of a laundry shop. Bubbles and Soap is a concept of cleaning services available to individuals and families. It intends to offer affordable cleaning to all. Chapter One of the business plan will cover the business’ concept, vision, mission, goals, objectives, and start-up and repeating costs. Currently, there are a couple of laundry services that serve La Salle Avenue area, University of Saint La Salle campus. However the competitors tend to be quite the same. In addition to having a different, innovative sense that strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction, Bubbles and Soap will set up to provide a category of scents to choose from for the customers can avail their own individual scent opinions for their clothes and the establishment offers an affordable price to all. The proponents plan to put up the establishment at Room 112, KYLT Bldg. La Salle Avenue. The building is a loaded dormitory that does not cater a laundry service. Start-up expenses in one time basis will be 150,000 and repeating expenses that covers three months operation is 72,735 pesos. The capitalization will come from a non-interest bearing loan from the parents of the partners and will have an equal share of the profit of 50:50. For product improvements and additional services like delivery car, dry cleaning services and pressing will be gained in the near future. Chapter Two tells us about the management plan of the laundry shop- the business is being run by a partnership. The laundry is comprised of an owner which will be positioned by Daewoo Kim, manager by Hannah Asetre and laundry person. The management team is willing to engage in full-time since it operates from Monday to Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m..It will also explain the duties and responsibilities of the owners and employees that will manage the business, the store policies are individually specified to maintain good ambiance and great performance of service. Job descriptions and specifications of the staffs and employees are enumerated to know the people who are capable enough in the individual tasks daily. Salaries and benefits that will obtain of each individual in the company will be...
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