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Topics: Negros Occidental, Fashion, Hairstyle Pages: 16 (4566 words) Published: January 5, 2014

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary________________________________________Pg. 1-2 II. Purpose Statement_________________________________________Pg. 2 III. Company Goals____________________________________________Pg. 2-3 IV. Services__________________________________________________ Pg. 3-4 A. Fashion Products

B. Display Systems
C. Educational Services
V. Marketing Plan_____________________________________________ Pg. 4-12 A. Customer Needs
B. Culture of Education
C. Hair Trade Shows
D. Online Catalog
E. Seattle Showroom
F. In-Salon Visits
G. Direct Mailing
H. Branding
I. Marketing Description
J. Target Customer
K. Market Readiness
L. Competition

VI. Operations_________________________________________________ Pg. 12-15 A. Warehouse Operations
B. Seattle Showroom Operations
C. Merchandise Operations
D. Display System Operations
E. Educational Services Operations
F. Problems Addressed
VII. Management Structure_______________________________________ Pg. 15-16 A. Key Employees
B. Associates
C. Consultants
D. Advisory Board
VIII. Financials__________________________________________________ Pg. 16-17 IX. Conclusion_________________________________________________ Pg. 18

Executive Summary of MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity
MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity:
Beauty Salons can increase revenue by over 100% simply by retailing products in their salon, yet only 10% of salons retail fashion jewelry and accessories. Wouldn’t it be great if salons could go to one company to get the products, display systems, and educational courses needed to become an effective retailer of fashion jewelry and accessories? MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity makes this idea a reality. We wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories to beauty salons, as well as provide them with the display systems and educational services needed to transform their salon into a full service fashion entity. Most hairdressers see themselves as simply hair cutters, while their clients view them as the style experts. By educating stylists on their role as a style advisor, hairdressers can easily add fashion jewelry and accessory retailing to their salon services, and as a result increase monthly revenue by astounding amounts. Purpose Statement:

“MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity is a hip, fresh wholesaler of affordable fashion jewelry and accessories to beauty salons. Because we are in tune with the pulse of the fashion industry, we provide our accounts with the latest and most popular merchandise. We aim to be the regional leader by providing great products at the right prices. Our goal is moderate growth and annual profitability; by bring beautiful accessories to Bacolod City and eventually Negros Occidental.” Products and Services:

MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity is the only wholesaler of fashion jewelry and accessories that service salons with a three-pronged system of providing the products, display systems and educational courses needed to be an effective retailer. We also provide that latest and most up to date fashion accessories at very affordable prices. 1

Marketing and Sales Strategy:
MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity differentiates itself from other wholesalers by focuses on wholesaling to beauty salons and catering to their specific needs. We offer multi-channel service by way of trade shows, a website, in-salon showings, a Seattle showroom, and phone ordering. (See Marketing Section) Competition:

There are many wholesalers of fashion jewelry and accessories in Bacolod City, but there are only handfuls that choose to target Hair Salons. We are the second largest wholesaler of fashion jewelry and accessories to Salons in the Downtown Area, and the only that focuses specifically on beauty salons (the beauty salon industry is a ₱50 billion a year industry). (See Competition Section) Financials:

MAKE ‘M Fashion Entity has been increasing revenue by over 30% for in each of the past four years without even adding more sales associates. By adding sales...
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