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Topics: Marketing, Primary research, Research Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: November 25, 2013

Research on Toms Shoes
Daurisa Villanueva
AB207: Starting A Business
Kaplan University

Primary research is when research is done by receiving data from a certain target or customers. Some advantages of primary research is that the organization has control over the research and data that is collected. The data can be looked at, and the marketers don’t have to depend on anybody. Some advantages of primary research is that the owner does not have to share it with any competitors. The disadvantages of primary research can be collecting the data Which can cost a lot of money. Collecting data can also be very time consuming, and sometimes the feedback on the research is not of any use, or may not be correct. Secondary research is data that is already collected by others, and analyzed by others. Some advantages of secondary research is the data can be found easily, and there is not much research that needs to be done. The research can costs much less than researching data exclusively. Some disadvantages of secondary research can be, the information is outdated, and the money put into the research may not be worth what it was paid for. The company was created by Blake Mycoskie after he went traveling in 2006 and realized there were kids in other countries who had no shoes to wear. He made TOMS which is a shoe company that for a pair of shoes bought, a child who needs will receive a pair of shoes at no cost. He also did this for eyewear as well and his signature line is One for One. TOM shoes have many suppliers for their shoes. TOM shoes is based in Los Angeles California, and his shoes are sold as Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Journeys, Tradehome and many other stores. TOM shoes are also sold online. There are many different marketing intermediaries. Retailers trade with household customers. Retail is goods and services, such as clothes. Wholesales have a lot of products from many producers. Distribution and dealers are similar to...

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