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BERNABEST FOOD PRODUCTS INC., a business enterprise duly registered and organizedunder and by virtue of the laws of Republic of the Philippines with principal office at 72 Monserrat St., Morning Breeze Subdivision, Caloocan City.

It has been our mother’s special recipe for empanadas that she would lovingly prepare during family gatherings that gave birth to this kith and kin venture. Being food lovers, it has been the sense of duty of the Bernabe’s who are collectively managing the operations to serve only the best, the very main reason why BERNABEST (Bernabe + best) as the company name was conceived.

At this time, our main line of products consists of empanada (under the trade name Empanada Especiale), siomai (under the trade name Siomai House) and hotdogs (under the tradename Mac Hotdog). Our crusade to explore new and fresh ventures in the food and beverage industry, particularly in the fast food business are all in progress. Our main line have reached an extensive spectrum of satisfied patrons from the young and matured, from the upper strata of our society to middle class, notwithstanding their genders, they became regular consumers of our offering. By providing them with carts or kiosks in strategic places like schools, offices, shopping malls, hospitals and other commercial establishments, they get to enjoy and savor our mouth watering cuisine.

Our commitment in satisfying customers made us stick to a high quality and strict implementation of our standards, ensuring that our empanadas (Empanada Especiale) are made only with the choicest ingredients, and without any preservative and artificial flavors. In assuring that we only offer fresh foods to our customers, our empanadas are prepared and cooked daily, we never sell left-over. They also come with various fillings such as ham and cheese, chicken, and tuna to make them more exciting.

Siomai House has captured the hearts of our patrons because of its mouth-watering steamed pork and shrimp siomai, matched with our banana cum pandan flavored gulaman. Furthermore, our siomai is served with a uniquely concocted chili-garlic sauce that makes it more scrumptious. And last but not the least, our price really makes the difference, with a high quality product, most of our customers cannot help but awe in amazement as they pay for their orders. Needless to say, this is one product that sells well than “hotcakes”.

Another esteemed product among our line is Mac Hotdog, a no-nonsense hotdog that can stand side by side with the existing giants in terms of quality and taste. Coupled with the BERNABE’s painstaking quest for great tasting chow, this is in no doubt a sure winner. Mac Hotdog will soon be a household name since we will also place in the market various meat products for home consumption such as ham, bacon, “longganisa”, “embutido”, “tapa” and much much more. We will never cease to develop new, exciting and delightful products for our market.

We are knowledgeable that our products cannot be copyrighted nor patented, however, our edge over competition lies in the quality, taste, freshness, delightfulness and affordability of what we are offering.

It’s also a fact that we have spread throughout Metro Manila and neighboring provinces within Luzon, and we are already in the planning stage of reaching out as far as Visayas and Mindanao .


Good Day!! Thank you for your interest in our product. Unfortunately we are not accepting franchisees in all SM outlets. Below are the list of franchising details. In case you find it amenable to you, just submit to us the following requirements:

1. Letter of Intent

2. Location Map / Sketch Map

3. Location Pictures

4. Floor Plan (for Commercial Establishments)

5. Monthly Rental of the place

6. Resume of the applicant

For more inquiries, you can call us at 4476523 and look for Evitha Bernabe.


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