Business Plan 3d Salon

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Business Plan
( 3d Hair Styler )

Submitted By:

Badong, Mark Luis
Corona, Grace Ann
Del Rosario, Frederick
Larroza, John Warren

Submitted to:
Mr. Paul Edric Galang

Angeles City, Pampanga


A. BVL 3D Styler Salon – Angeles City, Pampanga

B. Company Ownership
▪ Mark Luis Badong ▪ Frederick Del Rosario
Mabalacat, PampangaAngeles City, Pampanga
▪ Grace Ann Corona▪ John Warren Larroza
San Fernando, PampangaAngeles City, Pampanga

C. Nature of Business

The nature of our business is to give a fast and quality service to the consumers.

D. Financial Needs

|Start-up Requirements | |Start-up Expenses | | |Legal |Php 20,000.00 | |Materials for the salon |400,000.00 | |Rent |8,000.00 | |Software |150,000.00 | |Hardware |80,000.00 | |Sales Campaign |20,000.00 | |Logo/Brand Development |5,000.00 | | |Php 683,000.00 | |Total Start-up Expenses | | |Start-up Assets | | |Cash Required |Php 60,000.00 | |Other Current Assets |0 | |Long-term Assets |0 | |Total Assets |Php 60,000.00 | |Total Requirements |Php 743,000.00 |

E. Statement of Confidentiality Report

Information, data and drawings embodied in this business plan are strictly confidential and are supplied on the understanding that they will be held confidentially and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of Mark Luis Badong, Grace Ann Corona, Frederick Del Rosario and John Warren Larroza. II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

A. Description of the business
BVL 3D Style Salon is a salon with software designed to meet the needs of the customers more specifically in the design of make-up and hair. You can create a hairstyle, make-up or some other things related to beauty. It comes with the ability to create a style (Hairstyling-simulation) with three-dimensional (3D). Unlike in a traditional salon, customer will tell the stylist what style he/she wants or they will choose a certain style in a magazine. After that they will come to realize that the style they had chosen does not fit well, it will now end with customer dissatisfaction. Since we don’t want to have this kind of situation, we have come up with a bright solution, which is the “3D Styler”. Here, when a customer comes to our salon, they will be taken first inside our studio room to take their 3d Photo. It will now input automatically in the software. The customer will have the opportunity to choose his/her hairstyle from a wide variety of hairstyle database. When a hairstyle is chosen, the program automatically rotates the head to the proper view and fits the hairstyle to the client’s photo. It will now serve as a guide to the stylist. B. Competitive Advantage...
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