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Packaging industry

Packaging is a prerequisite for marketing, selling and handling products. Packaging also has a purpose of storage. Packaging industry has developed following the huge demand of packaging products. In Bangladesh, though the packaging industry developed from 1970’s, still the industry started flourishing from the 1990’s. As garments sector created a bumper demand for packaging products, many packaging plants started booming along with garments factory. Mainly the factories are situated near-by the garments factory. The packaging manufacturing plants are of international standard, and their outputs are also of international standard.

In Bangladesh, there are around 700 packaging factories. Mostly 97% of the factory concentrates on manufacturing corrugated box. Packaging industry includes a huge number of packaging products. Poly bag is holding the second position in the packaging sector. Garments sector flourish both poly and corrugated box industry. Other than garments sector, fish export business creates a lot of demand for packaging products.

It was in 1964, a Nobel award winner started his own packaging plant. And he became successful in this business. A great amount of revenue is earned from this industry.

Bangladesh once was sufficient in paper production. But now, Bangladesh has a lacking in paper production. For the huge demand of corrugated box, packaging factories are importing huge amount of paper from Korea and also India. Though Bangladesh government has been providing tax- holiday opportunity, packaging industry will be lot more benefited if paper manufacturing plants are established. Packaging includes lot of item. They are described below.


Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. Package labelling (BrE) or labeling (AmE) is any written, electronic, or graphic communications on the packaging or on a separate but associated label.

The purposes of packaging and package labels:

Packaging and package labelling have several objectives:

Physical protection
Barrier protection
Containment or agglomeration
Information transmission
Portion control

Packaging types:

Packaging may be looked at as several different types. For example a transport package or distribution package is the package form used to ship, store, and handle the product or inner packages. Some identify a consumer package as one which is directed toward a consumer or household. It is sometimes convenient to categorize packages by layer or function: "primary", "secondary", etc. Primary packaging is the material that first envelops the product and holds it. This usually is the smallest unit of distribution or use and is the package which is in direct contact with the contents. Secondary packaging is outside the primary packaging – perhaps used to group primary packages together. Tertiary packaging is used for bulk handling, warehouse storage and transport shipping. The most common form is a palletized unit load that packs tightly into containers. These broad categories can be somewhat arbitrary. For example, depending on the use, a shrink wrap can be primary packaging when applied directly to the product, secondary packaging when combining smaller packages, and tertiary packaging on some distribution packs.

Corrugated box:

Corrugated fiberboard is a paper-based construction material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. It is widely used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes and shipping containers. The corrugated medium and linerboard are made of paperboard, a paper-like material usually over ten mils (0.010 inch, or 0.25 mm) thick. Paperboard and corrugated fiberboard are sometimes called cardboard by...
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