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Business Plan For Clothing Line Company
2222 Street, Town, Province V2B 2C2

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Executive Summary…………………………..Pages 1 – 2 Market Analysis………………………………Pages 3 – 5 Operational Plan………………………………Pages 6 – 13 Financial Projections………………………….Pages 14 – 15 Risk Assessment………………………………Page 16 List of Attachments…………………………...Page 17

Clothing Line Company Page 1

Executive Summary
Business Name & Location:
Clothing Line Company 2222 Street, Town, Province V2B 2C2 Ph: (222) 222-2222 Fax: (222) 222-2222

Nature of Business:
Retail Clothing Store that will provide the community with quality clothing in brand names, styles, and size ranges that have an established consumer demand.

Principle Owner:
J. Smith 3333 Street, Town, Province V2B 2C2 Ph: (333) 333-3333 Fax: (333) 333-3333

Business Structure:

Clothing Line Company Page 2

Executive Summary
Key Personal for Assistance:
John Doe: Former owner/manager of two _____ franchises for the past 12 years. Jane Doe: Accountant/Book keeper who has agreed to provide, service and advice on an as needed basis while my own accounting skills develop.

Nameless Credit Union: I have opened a business account with the Credit Union, and established a secure line of credit for the operations of the day-to-day business expenses. Contact person at Credit Union is ________, Ph: (444) 444-4444. (See Attachment “W”) Nameless Organization: Self-employment program to provide wages for the first year of business to enable more money to be put back into the business. The amount to be received through the ________ program would be $320.00 per week. Personal Investment: With cash and equipment I will be investing $53,000.00 in this business venture.

Business Idea:
Providing a shopping environment that will reflect a progressive retail attitude, friendly, and inviting to all who pass by the doors.

Clothing Line Company Page 3

Market Analysis
Market Research:
In preparing my market research I have completed a survey that compares the population of the surrounding towns and the number of retail stores that are serving each community. (See attachment “B”) Survey from the _______ regarding purchase that were made out of __town thus indicating a need for those products in town . (See attachment “C”) A public opinion survey, asking if the residents feel there is a need for a more retail-clothing store. (See attachment “D” - 5 pages) Support letter from my competition. (See attachment “E”) Support letter from the Businessmen’s Association of _____. (See attachment “F”) Support letter from the ______ Chamber of Commerce (See attachment “G”) Several letters of support from local residents. (See attachments “H” through “M”) Article, in the __newspaper___. Stating that the town can support more business. (See Attachment “N”) ,

Clothing Line Company Page 4

Market Analysis
Market Area:
My market area will comprise of the Town of and the surrounding communities: ______, ______, ______. I also feel there is a strong opportunity to draw customers from the United States due to the exchange rate on the U.S. dollar, and our proximity to the border.

Target Customers:
My target customers would be the teenage market through customers in there 40’s and 50’s.

At present we have one ladies wear store in town that caters to a more mature clientele, as my target customers are different than hers, she has supplied me with a letter supporting the opening of my store. (See Attachment “E”) During my time as the person responsible for the appearance and merchandising at the ___business____ store in __town___, the ________ magazine recognized ___the business___ as one of the top ten business in the __region__ in 2001.

Clothing Line Company Page 5

Market Analysis
Promotion & Sales Method:
To aid in any promotions I have secured a data based point of sale system that has a proven ability to track customers and sales by...
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