Business Plan

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turning ideas into enterprises

Table of Contents
Business Plan Overview Page #1 - #2

Your Business Venture

Page #3

Industry & Market Analysis

Page #4 - #5

Marketing Plan

Page #6

Management & Ownership

Page #7

Operating Plan

Page #8

Financial Plan

Page #9 - #12

Executive Summary

Page #13

Exhibits and Appendices

Page #14


turning ideas into enterprises


Business Plan Overview
What is a Business Plan?
A business plan is a written overview of your business. It describes both your shortterm and long-term goals and objectives for the business you are starting or expanding. A business plan gives the business owner and others who read the plan, a thorough understanding of the product or service the business is offering, the marketplace in which the business will operate, measurable goals and objectives for the business to meet, financial forecasts and more.

Why is a Business Plan Important?
A business plan helps you to think through and evaluate your business idea. It helps you organize and present information on your business idea and goals, to allow you to communicate it easily to others. A business plan is not a static document. As market conditions change, new products are added or financial projections surpassed, the plan should be updated to reflect the new situation in which the business is operating.

Tips for Preparing Your Business Plan
This business plan is a generic outline suitable for all types of businesses. However, you should modify it to suit your particular circumstances. It typically takes several weeks to complete a good plan. Most of that time is spent in research and re-thinking


turning ideas into enterprises


your ideas and assumptions. Make time to do the job properly. Those who do, never regret the effort. Finally, be sure to keep detailed notes on your sources of information and the assumptions underlying your financial data. The business plan should be prepared in a professional manner, while considering the reader’s reason for reviewing the plan. Therefore, the plan should be organized with easy to find sections and exhibits. After you have completed the plan, it is useful to have others review it prior to forwarding it to potential lenders or investors. In light of the confidential nature of the content contained within the business plan, it is important to carefully control its distribution. This business plan outline has been researched and prepared by The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound Inc. For additional information and assistance with market research, business planning, and business start-up information, please contact:

The Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound Inc. 200 McIntyre Street East North Bay, ON P1B 8H8 Tel: (705) 474-0626 ext.528 Fax: (705) 474-4493


turning ideas into enterprises


Section #1

Your Business Venture
This section introduces readers to you business. It is a broad overview of the business, telling the reader when and why a business is being formed and a brief description of how it will run. This section also includes personal and business goals for the future.

Discuss: The date the business was started The name of the business A brief description of the business The structure of the business (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) The contact information for the business (if you do not have a business address yet, include your personal contact information) The name of the owner and key individuals involved Any applicable historical information on the business (has it been operating for a period of time already, was it owned by someone else, etc.)

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