Business Plan

Topics: Wedding, Chinese marriage, Wedding anniversary Pages: 29 (7422 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Table of Content
1. Executive Summary1
2. Business Description3
3.1 Industry Description3
3.2 Business Structure4
3.3 Company Description4
3.4 Clients Description4
3.5 Service Description5
3.6.1 Wedding Service5
3.6.2 Experience Service6
3.6.3 Special Services6
3. Market Analysis8
4. Competitive Analysis12
5.6 The Strengths of Our Competitors12
5.7 The Strengths of Us13
5.8 The Weaknesses of Our Competitors13
5.9 The Weaknesses of Us14
5.10 The Opportunities of Us14
5.11 The Threats We Face15
5. Marketing Strategy17
6.12 Product17
6.13 Pricing19
6.14 Promotion20
6.15.4 Advertising20
6.15.5 Preferential Policy20
6.15.6 Discount Policy21
6.15.7 Free Experience21
6.15.8 Installment Plan21
6.15.9 Service Conception21
6.15 Distribution21
6. Operational Issues23
7.16 Spirit23
7.17.10 Enterprise Spirit23
7.17.11 Teamwork23
7.17.12 Development23
7.17 Marketing24
7.18 Location and Warehouse24
7.19 Production and Service25
7.20.13 Quality Control25
7.20.14 Customer Service25
7.20 Inventory Control25
7.21 Service Development26
7.22 Personnel26
7.23.15 Number of Employees26
7.23.16 Structure27
7.23.17 Requirements27
7.23 Cost and Suppliers28
7.24.18 Suppliers28
7.24.19 Cost28
6.9 Problems and Solutions28
7. Environmental Impact30
8. Human Resource Requirements31
9.24 Job Description31
9.25 Personnel Arrangement35
9.26 Training36
9. Financial Projections37
10. Reference 45
11. Appendix46

Executive Summary
Panda Wedding Service Company is located in Yihumingju (逸湖名居), Haiyiwanpan (海怡湾畔), Jintang Road, Zhuhai. The company’s main business is Chinese traditional weddings. We offer this service because Chinese traditional weddings are very interesting and meaningful and many foreigners and Chinese like it but they cannot find it easily. So they can turn to us and we will offer them the most authentic Chinese traditional wedding.

Our target customers are foreigners and Chinese locals who love Chinese traditional weddings. They may want to have the most perfect and memorable wedding, and the Chinese traditional wedding is the best kind to choose. However, a traditional Chinese wedding is not easy to find in Zhuhai especially an authentic traditional Chinese wedding. So we will help them to successfully plan their ideal wedding.

We have 100.000 RMB as our contributed capital; it’s not enough so we have two plans: short-term planning and long-term planning. In the short-term plan, we focus on wedding anniversaries such as a Golden wedding (50th anniversary) and a Diamond wedding (60th anniversary). This short-term plan will help reduce our financial burden. Then once we start to earn money, we will begin our long-term plan which focuses on the whole wedding process. This will bring us many benefits, and will be our main project.

In addition, our business is not operated only for economic benefits; we also pay attention to promote traditional Chinese culture. We hope that we can make more people be aware of and be interested in Chinese traditional culture through our business.

So welcome to our wedding planning company, you will fall in love with traditional Chinese culture .More details are in the follow sections.

2. Business Description
2.1 Industry Description
With the economic development, China gets more of the world’s attention so as its unique culture. More and more foreigners come to China to experience its culture and having a traditional Chinese wedding has gradually been popular among these foreigners. Wedding is so important in one’s life and many foreigners are willing to have a Chinese-style...
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