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Sound Noise Records


Prepared by Brandon Ernest
Mission Statement
Sound Noise, a State of Indiana “S” Corporation, spotlights unconventional music, merchandise and entertainment typically overshadowed by mainstream ideologies. It speaks to the shared experiences of Generation Y and The Urban Trendsetter. It provides fair compensation to its employees, a fair return to its owners, and a fair royalty to its artists. Goals

* Establish and grow The Company into a full service record label, merchandising and multimedia company * Create a steady stream of revenue from record sales, digital sales, merchandising, licensing and live performances Keys to Success

* Focus on creating a consistent stream of high quality songs and music related products * Solve problems with independent marketing, promotional and advertising budgets * Ensure products are delivered on time, financials are managed effectively, marketing and promotional budgets are monitored, and develop successful growth strategies * Focus on internet presence and building the foundation for a recognizable web brand Financial Requirements

Sound Noise (hereafter referred to as The Company) seeks a capital infusion of $100,000 to continue building on the foundation already established by the company. This money will be used to cover costs associated with creating a consistent stream of music related products, marketing, promotion, and working capital necessary to establish and grow The Company into a successful multimedia organization. We plan to repay the balance of this loan amount in the span of approximately three years. We also plan to immediately begin repayment of the loan interest at a rate of 6% or $500 per month. Further information regarding these procedures is outlined later in this plan. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Our current sources of income include but are not limited to the following list of products and services: * Retail sales of CD’s, DVD’s and other multimedia formats * Sales of T-Shirts, jackets, tour books and other promotional merchandise * Royalties and fees earned from performances of recordings on radio and television, on the Internet, in movies, and in commercial venues such as restaurants and nightclubs * Live Performances

Recorded Music
Sound Noise will spend a large portion of their creative energy on writing song lyrics and composing music. The Company commits to producing and recording a steady stream of high quality music for public consumption to equal no less than two songs per month. The Company will sell these CD’s and DVD’s to mom and pop stores, retail chains, at live shows and over the internet via various online and offline distributors and aggregators. The Company will also sell digital music in the following formats: Complete Album Downloads, Full Track Downloads, Mobile Only Full Track Downloads, Polyphonic Ringtones, and Ringback Tones. We plan to make these items available through structured licensing agreements with popular online retail (i.e. I Tunes, EMusic, and Rhapsody). Merchandising

The Company will manufacture and produce a large variety of merchandise at the lowest possible costs. Every piece of merchandise, once sold, becomes a living piece of advertising for our projects, creating a dual benefit for our company and its consumers. These items will include but are not limited to the following: T-Shirts, CDs, Posters, Sweatshirts, Hats, Jackets and other collectibles. Live Performance

The Company will focus on live performance venues and the relationships with booking agents as a marketing and advertising supplement to drive record and merchandising sales. Licensing
As the owner of the masters and the publisher of our own catalogue of songs, The Company is guaranteed a certain bundle of rights by law. Because we own all the rights, anyone who wishes to use our song must first obtain our permission. A film or TV show needs to...
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