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V) The business:

Service: Our Company provides event-planning service for customers by giving them the ideas and suggestions to hold a theme event. This kind of service is still quite hard to find in Vietnam and people now really want to customize their special events such as: Birthday party, Wedding and Anniversary in order to make it unique and memorable. The chance for event planning service to be successful is high because of demanding for this service in young generation is real and our main target market is young people. We provide for customer 4 suggestion packages:

Package 1: Traditional wedding
Package 2: World wide theme wedding
Package 3: Anniversary and theme party
Package 4: Proposal planning
We also design the party or wedding as what customers want
Registration details:
Business name: CelebrEASY
Trading name: CelebrEASY
Date registered: 11/11/2011
Location(s) registered: Hanoi
Business structure: Partnership
Domain names:

Business premises:
Business Location: Our office will locate on room 201, 2nd floor, Nguyen Khuyen Tower, Nguyen Khuyen Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi. Leasing: The price for lease an office per month is 10 million VND. Management & Ownership

Name of owners: Nguyen Duc Thai, Nguyen Mai Huong and Phan Phuong Chi Details of management & ownerships:
Our capital will be contributed by all 3 parties with the percentage below: Nguyen Duc Thai: 35% - Director of sales and customer relationship Nguyen Mai Huong: 35% - Director of accounting and financing Phan Phuong Chi: 30% - Director of marketing and public relation Each person will take responsibility in his or her aspects and all decision will be discussed among 3 members and the final decision will be the agreement of all 3 parties. The profit of each partner will be counted depend on the percentage of money that they contribute to the company. Experience:

All of us are student therefore we do not have many working experiences in event company. However, we have involved in many events of our high school and college such as: 20-11 Vietnamese teacher’s day, 26-3 or Halloween party. Furthermore, when we were in our internship, we also were assistants for managers to hold the events of the company.

Key personnel
Current staff
Job Title| Name| Expected staff turnover| Skills or strengths| Director of sales and customer relationship| Nguyen Duc Thai| 3 years| Studying Marketing major at Raffles College, having experiences on sales department at Sheraton hotel. He also has wide social relationship| Director of accounting and financing | Nguyen Mai Huong| 3 years| Studying Banking and Finance major at Raffles Colleges, having experience at credit department of Techcombank. She is really good at number| Director of marketing and public relation | Phan Phuong Chi| 3 years| Studying Marketing major at Raffles Colleges, having experience at marketing and public relation department of Knight Frank. |

All other needed staffs such as: make up artist, stylists, designers, photographer will be outsourced at first and then we will recruit after if it’s necessary. This will help the company work with good staffs but can save money when there are not many events at some certain time. As the new company with small capital, outsourcing is the best way for us to reduce cost but still can work efficiently and effectively. The staffs that are outsourced will be chose carefully with some certain standards such as: responsible, creative, hard working, good at their majors and on time at working.

Service| Description| Price|
Theme Wedding| This service allows customer to customize their wedding like what they want. It can be traditional wedding, world wide theme wedding (Europe, Hawaii) or religious wedding| It depends on how they want to make their wedding. The price may from 100 million VND| Anniversary party| This party will have a theme and it will be design as...
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