Business Plan

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Business plan

McDonald's Restaurants Ltd:
11 - 59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Tel: +44 (0) 8705 244622


1. Summary3

2. Business overview4

Current position
Competitive advantage
Growth plan

3. Business strategy5

Strategic issues
Core values

4. Marketing6

SWOT and critical success factors
Market research
Distribution channels
Strategic alliances
E-commerce and technology
Tactical promotion plan
Marketing budget
Credibility and risk reduction

5. Team and management structure7

Skills, experience, training and retention
Management systems

6. Financial budgets and forecasts8

Profit and loss forecast
Cash flow forecast
Balance sheet forecast
Capital expenditure budget
Break-even analysis
1. Summary

The summary is the last part of the plan that you write, but should be included at the beginning of the plan. This allows busy readers to quickly see what the plan is about without reading all the details.

Use the summary to highlight the key points of your plan. If you are using your plan to raise financing, the summary needs to make the reader (eg the bank manager or a potential investor) want to find out more and read the whole plan.

2. Business overview


Mcdonalds is the world`s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, it serves a variety of foods such as hamburgers, chiken burgers, salads,eggs , and toast etc. It serves 70 million customers daily in 119 countries .In the area of Newcastle alone their are over 9 branches, however one common theme is they all share is that none provides a delivery service within the area.This is where our main purpose of the business plan starts, where the business plan aims to implement a delivery service for Mcdonalds to reach the area of newcastle, this will serve as a competitive advantage against Mcdonalds main competetors such as Burgerking who lack this service.

Current position

Mcdonalds is in Mature phase in its life cycle as it has emerged as the number one choice to the dine in a fast food industry, its one of the most dined fast food places in newcastle and their are no signs of it declining in terms of both number of sales and customer revenue.

The fast-food indushetry is currently on Mature phase and at its peak, it is one of the top money making industries in the world, as a study conducted by the daily Telegraph in Britain showed fast food for the first time ever makes up more than half of all the meals eaten outside of the home in britain

Competitive advantage

Main competetion will be burgerking
Main competetive advantage will be implementing the delivery service that McDonald has. Business will continue to grow and make more profits as its already doing so well and with delivery service it is estimated that sales will furthermore increase as McDonalds is one of the most popular fast food restaurunts in newcastle so adding the delivery service will only boost their sales

Growth plan

The aim is to implement a delivery service and have it reach all of newcastle. Mcdonalds continually aims to build its brand by listening to its customers.thus continually strengthening its brand image. This has occurred as Mcdonalds behaved and presented itself in a consistent way. Marketing communication methods, such as advertising and promotion, are used to create the colours, designs and images, which give the brand its familiar logo - the Golden Arches Mareketing involves identifying customer needs and requirements and meeting these needs in a better way than competetors, this creates customer loyalty and contributes to the growth of the customer base...
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