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Topics: Trade union, Marketing, Market research Pages: 4 (2351 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Using all the information available to you, complete the following tasks. Analyse the key arguments for and against Harry Gardner’s proposal. Make a justified recommendation on whether you think that the Directors of Roberts Media plc should accept Harry Gardner’s proposal 1. Critical path analysis is a mathematical approach to managing a project by planning to finish a series of activities quickly and efficiently. The consequences for Roberts Media plc if activity ‘G’ and activity ‘E’ are both delayed by four weeks aren’t massive but are important. The delay of four weeks changes the critical path from ABFI to ADGH and it will also result in the launch taking 25 weeks, which will be one week longer than the target set. The consequences of this delay will affect many different people such as the consumers, the competitors and the opportunity costs. This delay will mean that the launch that was intended for London fashion week will not be achieved and the consumers that placed contracts for advertising throughout the first year of publication which will not only lead to less opportunities in the future due to damaged reputation but also they won’t achieve the money that they were set to from their contract because it wasn’t met. This in turn will result in less funding for reinvestment in a relatively new business venture and also less likelihood of the fashion houses using this company in the future and a higher chance of the fashion houses utilising their competitors. According to their Marketing Director, she believes that the companies’ rivals are also launching their own digital magazines at a similar time and they have started their marketing campaigns already which will mean that the company will also miss out on the first mover advantage which means they will lose a significant amount of revenue and business to competitors. 3. Employer/employee relations refer to the relationship between the managers of a business and the workforce and/or their...
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