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The power of five to change lives

Romabelle Abapo Chylca Mae Bardinas Doreen Faith Escobañez Marianne Regalado Lian Marie Sayno 0

Executive Summary I. Situation Analysis 1. Internal Analysis Mission Fifth Fusion Team is a non-profit organization, aimed at offering alternative solutions towards healthy living that are economically friendly, inexpensive and adaptable. We view ourselves as partners with the residents, the local government and the community as a whole. Vision The vision of Fifth Fusion Team includes the commitment to inspire Filipino communities by leveraging their standard living and promoting new knowledge and values towards healthy living. Team’s Philosophy We the Fifth Fusion follow a certain moral philosophy: to devote ourselves and expertise to provide solutions through products and services that promotes unity or Bayanihan in the Filipino communities across the country. Analysis of Team’s available resources (financial, marketing, managerial, human resources and other resources) The team’s knowledge in social marketing and community development, their ability to generate solutions to the existing problems of the community, ability communicate effectively, and explain the benefits of the programs in a compelling or convincing way, and their commitment and passion to carry out the mission and share vision of the team are the key qualities of the team to succeed in their social marketing programs. The willingness of the target market to respond to the social marketing program is also a key factor to success. Another key factor is the availability of funds that will provide for the team’s proposed intervention. 1

The team is comprised of five members, all of which are marketing students. Being marketing students, it implies that the team are familiar with some of the marketing concepts yet the team has not undergone proper training and are not experts in social marketing and community development. The members of the team are capable in making presentations, conducting experimental research and generating creative ideas. Since there are a lot of things to be done in social marketing research such as field work, collection and analysis of data and implementation of proposed programs, the team’s manpower is insufficient. In the implementation of the proposed programs, a large amount of money is needed. However, the team is a non-profit organization which implies that the team has no constant source of funds. The members of the team cannot provide the funds because the team members’ financial capacity is only limited. The team has unlimited access to information provided by the technology present today. There is also an easy access to communication devices such as cellphones, social networking sites and others which will help the team to communicate with each other and to the chosen baranggay. The team was formed in BA 170 class. The group is comprised of five members. The team members are: Romabelle Abapo, Chylca Mae Bardinas, Doreen Faith Escobañez, Lian Marie Sayno, and Marianne Regalado. These people are a mixture of different personalities and backgrounds fused into one. That is why we call ourselves Fifth Fusion: “The Power of Five to Change Lives.” 2. A. External Analysis

Macro Environmental Analysis (PESTN)

GEOGRAPHIC AND DEMOGRAPHICS There has been a trend for women to have more children in the past years specifically women belonging or coming from the lower-income level economic status. Having more children means that each sibling has a greater chance to be less guided by the parents who can have a significant influence of what they would become in the future. 2

Alongside an increasing number of children has been an increase in the average household size. There has been a particular rise in the number of large households with five or more people. The growth in the average household size has hold numerous marketing implications, ranging from an increased demand for...
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