Business P1

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Business Level 2
Unit 1

Business Purposes

Introduction about the Unit2
P1- Identify the purpose of four different business organisations.3
P2- Describe the different types of business ownership, linking this to the size and scale of four different organisations.6
P3: Explain how businesses are classified using local and national examples8
P4- outline the role of the government in creating the business climate.10
P5: Explain the characteristics of the local business environment.16
M1: Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations.20
M2: Compare areas of growth or decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary classifications of business activities22
D1- Evaluate how an organisation has responded to changes in the business environment27

Business Level 2

Unit 1- purpose of business

Introduction about the Unit
This unit I will be focusing on business purposes and understanding the ownership of businesses which I’m currently working on now. Nowadays the only way is to earn money and so this is done by everyday business in the UK. Not only large businesses like Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury but even small businesses like corner shops, newsagents. They are all in this process. Also tutors and charity workers. I will be talking about business context in which organisations operate. The business purposes means I will find out about the wide range of business organisations which exist and how they have expanded into a big organisation. I had to identify the purpose of four different business organisations which then links to other tasks I had to do. I’ve chosen to do some more background research on my local area which is Enfield. To help me do this I have designed questionnaire to ask the different businesses that exist talk to them face to face in my local area. In the following pages I have included some of my research which is questionnaire and internet research. I have also included information about my area different resources. I will learn about the role of government and why the businesses are declining locally and nationally. To help me I will do more research over the internet or have a look at the guardian magazine. P1- Identify the purpose of four different business organisations.

In this unit I’ll investigate the nature of different business organisations operating in both the private and public sectors of the UK economy. I will concentrate mainly on business organisations in my local area but I’ll also include examples from around the UK and the world. These businesses will vary in terms of size from small businesses such as corner shops to very large multinational businesses such as restaurants. For this task I will consider each of the businesses listed below and write what their purpose is and how they are supplying their goods or services – for example, at a profit, free, at cost or for sale below cost.

Organisation| Purpose| How the goods or services are supplied| Oxfam| provide help for the needy people in other countries through raising up money and sending them goods such as Red cross ,NSPC and etc.| The goods and services are free of charge because it’s a charity (Oxfam) | Microsoft| It produces computer software and hardware to sell worldwide. | The goods are all at a profit| Asda| To provide services such as costumer service, insurance and mobile phones also they sell products such as food.| At a profit| NHS dentist| To provide dental services to patients.| Free & At below cost | Pret A Manger restaurants| To sell food such as cookies, sandwiches and cold drinks to people.| At a profit| Enfield Council| They provide a range of services to people of the borough and for people to go and pay tax.| The service they provide is free and paid through local taxes.| T-Mobile| They sell a wide range of mobile phones and provide mobile networks for people to use worldwide.| At a profit| Thames...
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