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A) Nature of Business, Origins Introduction Walmart was founded in 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton. It is an American multinational retailer corporation, run large department stores and warehouse stores. It is the largest retailer and biggest private employer in the world with over 2 million employees. The company is the world's 18th largest public corporation, according to the Forbes Global 2000 list, and the largest public corporation when ranked by revenue. It is currently operating in 15 countries and has 8500 stores under 55 different names.The company’s winning strategy or mantra for success is “selling branded products at low price with good service to its customers”. Our Vision We envision a future in which our company treats us, the Associates of Walmart, with respect and dignity. We envision a world where we succeed in our careers, our company succeeds in business, our customers receive great service and value, and Walmart and Associates share all of these goals. Our Mission Walmart works to ensure that every Associate, regardless of his or her title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart. We join together to offer strength and support in addressing the challenges that arise in our stores and our company everyday.

B) Organization Structure

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Walmart follows a Divisional Organisation Structure at the top level and a matrix organizational structure at the store level. Divisional Organisation Structure.

When a company expands to supply goods or services to a variety of customers, offers a variety of different products or are engaged in business in several different markets, the company could adopt a divisional organizational structure. A divisional structure groups its divisions according to the specific demands of products, markets or customers. Unlike the functional organizational structure, where the different organizational functions of the company conduct activities satisfying all customers, markets and products, the divisional structure focuses on a higher degree of specialization within a specific division, so that each division is given the resources, and autonomy, to swiftly react to changes in their specific business environment. Therefore, each division often has all the necessary resources and functions within it to satisfy the demands put on the division The benefit of this organizational structure is that companies are able to specialize its activities into self-reliant divisions, each capable of satisfying e.g. customer demands and changes within the business environment. Divisional Structure has 3 different categories

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Product Structure Product structure groups workers together based upon specific goods produced by the company. An example of this would be a company that produces three different products, "product a", "product b", and "product c".This company would have a separate division for each product. Market Structure Market structure groups workers together based upon specific markets in which the corporation sells. Geographical Structure Organization is grouped in such a way that employees located in one geographic location are grouped together to make one division. Matrix Structure A matrix structure is one that assigns specialists from different functional departments to work on one or more projects. In an organization there may be different projects going on at once. Each specific project is assigned a project manager and he has the duty of allocating all the resources needed to accomplish the project. In a matrix structure those resources include the different functions of the company such as operations, accounting, sales, marketing, engineering, and human resources. Basically the project manager has to gather specialists from each function in order...
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