Business on the Honour System, Based on Article of Rebeca Dube

Topics: Economics, Real estate, Money Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: May 25, 2009
Business On The Honour System (essay based on the article of Rebeca Dube "Coffie Cookies But No Cashier") 658 words

We can't live without trust. Usually, we trust only people we know or live with. Sometimes, we can’t trust even them. But what about trusting a stranger ? Rebecca Dube, in her article “Coffee, Cookies but no Cashier” describes a business which is founded on the statement that all people are basically good. This article shows us that it is quite possible to build a business on trust. A business owner, who builds his or her business on the honor system should take into account several factors that could influence his or her decision; these factors are location of the business, current economical situation in the country and details of the business organization itself.

Location has a great influence on almost every kind of business, especially on one based on the honor system. On the one hand, a business built on the honor system depends on its customers. It is obvious, that people who are rich don’t need to steal or cheat in their everyday life. At least, they don’t do that in small amount of cash. They have everything that the most others only dream about, so rich people will not risk their reputation of being honest people. On the other hand, people who live in rich districts generally are well educated. We can’t say that rich and educated people are always honest, but in general, they have good sense of moral obligations. Therefore, any business built on the honor system is likely to be successful locating near the neat clean hundreds of thousands of dollars mansions, rather than near government apartment buildings, where mostly drug-addicts and homeless persons live.

The other factor that could influence a business owner decision to open a business based on the honor system is the overall economic situation. First, when the economy is down, the overall level of people’s life decreases. People become more poor and stop spending...
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