business negotiation

Topics: Computer telephony integration, Call centre, Customer service Pages: 4 (2536 words) Published: April 21, 2014
A member of ComfortDelGro


ComfortDelGro offers efficient, innovative
call booking services with advanced Avaya
Contact Center solution


To maximize the profitability and operational effectiveness
of ComfortDelGro’s taxi business by balancing costs management against growing customer base.

ComfortDelGro looked to Avaya to improve on call automation and response time to customers, as well as enhance agent job satisfaction at its Customer Contact Center.
Designed to embed automated human communications at
the heart of a business, an advanced Avaya Contact Center
solution was deployed to streamline processes, improve
productivity and manage communications better across
Customer Contact Center operations.

The inability to cater to call spikes was not only affecting customer service level but was also a compliance issue for
the company.

Value Created
Increased call automation to 70% of all bookings resulted in significant savings of 40% in agent costs •Agents freed up to deliver in more value-added services, expanding their job scope and improving morale •Enabled call booking service innovations – such as Intelligent Dispatch – resulting in more jobs and additional income for drivers

Improved customer satisfaction as a result of faster call answer rate and convenience provided by call booking service innovations
Ensured business continuity with full redundancy built into system and processes SINGAPORE – As one of the world’s second largest publicly

customer demand during peak periods as well as even

listed passenger land transport companies, ComfortDelGro is

higher demand spikes during rainy or festive periods. In

a Singapore success story. It has garnered numerous awards

addition, the company had to meet the stringent and high

for its operational efficiency, and in 2006, was recognized

minimum performance standards set by the Singapore Land

for its innovative use of...
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