Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II SWOTT Analysis Paper

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis Paper Jeannie Gilmore
June 29, 2015
Maria Rutledge

Anytime Fitness SWOTT for Online Virtual Personal Training
Anytime Fitness have many resources to build on and ensure that implementation of the new division goes smoothly. Anytime has Locations in North America, South America, and Canada, and with the new division they have a convenient service that will be attractive in many more countries, which will help them globalize the company. Consumers has less time to exercise or eat healthy because the state of the economy, but This is why the online personal trainer program can be a life changer for those who desire a healthy lifestyle because customers can conveniently participate world class top quality workouts in the comfort of their home. Anytime Fitness strategy focuses on marketing the division service on websites that are heavily populated with consumers such as Google and Yahoo, and also targeting popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Weakness

With the program being able to operate at a consumer house, it takes away the social aspect that many gym members do enjoy such as meeting new people and receiving hands on training. Other companies have some of the same capabilities that Anytime possess and have been utilizing the internet for personal training already Opportunity

This new division gives Anytime Fitness a chance to expand globally. The technology of the program makes the company a leader in innovation in its industry. The new division allows the business to achieve its goals of providing consumers with convenient, affordable, and fun products and services.

There are companies that will possibly claim that the new division is their intellectual property, however although there are many similarities in the programs, the main difference is that Anytime Fitness Online Virtual Personal Training...

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