Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I

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Running head: STRATEGIC PLAN PART I: CONCEPTUALIZING IN BUSINESS Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing in Business

Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing in Business
A solid strategic analysis is beneficial to shareholders, employees, customers, and decisions makers within a company. The core of an effective strategic plan contains a well-thought and informative mission statement. Using the brand of Mexican Food Express as a benchmark, a mission statement has been developed to differentiate the company’s products from the competition. In addition, the vision statement as plays an important role in communicating the ultimate goal of the company’s strategic decisions. A driving force behind the mission and vision is the company’s values and ethical principles, which often dictate the choices made during strategic planning. When it is fully implemented, the strategic plan will allow Mexican Food Express to gain a strategic advantage over its established competitors. Mission Statement

By delivering uniquely flavored Mexican style food at budget prices, Mexican Food Express seeks to establish an international presence over the next 5 years. The current international fast food markets in Asia, South America, and Africa are dominated by American style fast food with leaves considerable opportunity for competing styles of cuisine. Mexican Food Express will use an aggressive marketing plan and develop a supply chain network that will enable rapid growth in overseas markets. Newly established restaurants will be able to supply local communities with quality meals at competitive prices while simultaneously creating value for shareholders. Vision Statement

Mexican Food Express will grow into the largest fast food provider of Mexican style cuisine in emerging markets. The brand will have an established presence in Asia, South America, and Africa with restaurant locations being found within the top 25 major cities on these continents. By saturating...

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