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Question №1
Business model canvas for H&M

Enabling promises
Making promises
Keeping promises
Question №2

From the figure above we can see that the Organization makes promises to their customers. As well as organization does it, it also enables promises to Service Provider. And finally Service provider has to keep that promises to customers. Applying to H&M.

H&M as an organization makes promises to their customers to deliver fashionable clothes with good quality at reasonable price. Their 750 suppliers situated worldwide especially in Asia have to enable promises of H&M by manufacturing clothes designed by H&M designers and pattern makers. They have to produce at high level monitoring all the processes of production. And finally suppliers have to keep promises made by H&M to their customers by producing goods with appropriate quality and in time required.

Question №3.

H&M is world known retail brand. The main three key success factors are formulated in company`s business concept «Fashion and quality at the best price”. They provide good style and design for their clothes. At the same time for ensuring good quality of their products they provide a complete process of testing and controlling the quality. The price of their products is lower in comparison with the price of toughest competitors. ‘We ensure the best price,’ they say, ‘by having few middlemen, buying large volumes, having extensive experience of...
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