Business: Marketing and Subway

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Subway offered a menu with wide variety meal and better quality fresh product such as pasta, salad, desserts, soup, the chain's flagship sandwich which is the classic BMT, the 7 under 6 menu which featuring seven submarine sandwiches with 6 grams of fat or less, fresh veggies which already boasts lettuce, tomato, red onion and green peppers (Subway, 2012). Subway also brings in a line of new crab-controlled wraps in 2004 and the product itself has only 5grams Net Crabs. Moreover, in the year 2005, a new menu has been added to Subway’s menu that is a delicious fresh toasted sub and the menu still in consumer demand until now.

The potential element of marketing mix is the price of the company offered because it is direct impact on the company, consumer and economy as well. Subway uses a little higher of upscale pricing than normal subs in the market. Subway offers different pricing strategy with value pricing. But create value products by service in terms of quality.

1.0.3 PLACE
This is concerned with activities needed to move the product or service from the seller to the buyer (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2003). Subway use nontraditional places such as supermarkets, airports, convention centers and business center and also another new market development as their major selling location as a franchise. People who in any kind of Subway sales point are on hand to ensure customer’s demands are coordinated with the right product and to elucidate the distinct options are obtainable. Moreover, Subway does research for their market on the location preference and predatory franchises regarding customer satisfaction.

Advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotions are the four components of promotion. For Subway, to generate a Unique Advertising Proposition (UAP) is obligatory since the company is a part of saturated market. Subway also approach Unique Selling...
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