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End-of-Course Assessment – January Semester 2012

Marketing Mix Management

INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: 1. This End-of-Course Assessment paper comprises ELEVEN (11) pages (including the cover page). 2. You are to include the following particulars in your submission: Title, Your PI, Your Name, and Submission Date. 3. As the End-of-Course Assessment is in lieu of an examination, late submission will NOT be accepted by the University.

IMPORTANT NOTE ECA Submission Deadline: 04 May 2012, 1200 hrs

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ECA Submission Guidelines Please follow the submission instructions stated below: A - What Must Be Submitted You are required to submit the following THREE (3) items for marking and grading: • • A Report (you should submit this item first as it carries the highest weightage). A Video Presentation: o UniSIM conducts Walk-in Clinic Sessions on how to record ECA video presentation for SBIZ students every semester. Please see MyUniSIM Blackboard L01 group for details. o ECA video recording and submission guides are also available in MyUniSIM Blackboard at the FAQs tab under the banner “Submitting End of Course Assessment [ECA]”. The set of Powerpoint slides upon which the video presentation is based.

Please verify your submissions after you have submitted the above THREE (3) items.

B - Submission Deadline • • • • The THREE (3) items of Report, Video and Presentation Summary are to be submitted by 12 noon on the submission deadline. You are only allowed a ONE-TIME submission for each of the THREE (3) items. As the ECA is in lieu of an examination, late submission of any of the THREE (3) items will NOT be accepted by the University. It will be taken that you have withdrawn from the course if - you failed the ECA due to late submission of any of the THREE (3) items. - the Report is

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