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Arts Media & Enterprise
BTEC L3 90 credit Diploma in Business
AWB Qualication Title
Level 3 Diploma in Business
Unit - NAME & NO
Unit 9: Creative Product Promotion
Assignment Title
The Promotional Drive
Amrik Singh
Issue date
Interim submission date
final Submission date
Student declaration:
I declare that this assignment is all my own work and the sources of information and material I have used (including the internet) have been fully identified and properly acknowledged as required. I understand that plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated, and may result in grades being revoked and that I may be subject to disciplinary action STUDENT NAME


Assessment Details & Grading Criteria
(NB: Tasks, criteria & evidence should be aimed to give the learner the maximum grade available within their qualification (i.e. A, Pass, Distinction) VOCATIONAL CONTEXT/SCENARIO FOR ASSIGNMENT (See specification guidance) Scenario

As a learner on the BTEC National Diploma in Business course, you may be considering continuing your studies at university, and may already be on the receiving end of a university promotional campaign. Therefore, in this assignment you have the opportunity to examine the promotional skills of a selected institution in more depth. You are required to compare two organization’s promotional campaigns. In choosing your organizations, you could select organizations which are currently running a promotional campaign that you would like to investigate. This might be a retailer or manufacturer in a competitive market such as the car, food or clothing industries, travel and tourism, hospitality& catering or any industry that interest you. Sources of information

To help you decide, you could peruse the magazine ‘Campaign or Marketing Week’ to see which companies are currently in the marketing news, or you could use the printed and broadcast media.

Your objective is to identify and evaluate the promotional campaigns of different types of organization, explain how the campaigns help organizations to communicate with their target customers, and to understand the role of advertising agencies in the marketing promotions industry.

TASK – Please provide listed details of the exact requirements of the task – The bullet number here should inform the ref no below GRADING CRITERIA – Please detail exact criteria as found in the Specification EVIDENCE - Please detail the format evidence to be provided in 1. P1 may relate to raising sales or establishing a local profile [P1] Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organizations for a selected product/service [IE] Written report

2. Explain the connection between promotional activity & the achievement of the marketing aims & objectives including branding [M1] Explain how promotion is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix in a selected organization to achieve its marketing aims & objectives Written report

3. Develop ideas by evaluating the effectiveness of your selected promotional campaign in achieving the business aims & objectives. You should have some idea of expected gains in product sales or service uptake resulting from your campaign. [D1] Evaluate & justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix in relation to marketing objectives for your selected organization Written report

4. May be connected to the promotion of a selected product as part of the application of the marketing mix - as an organization select price points [P2] Explain the role of promotion within the marketing mix for your selected product/service Written report

5. Explain clearly the contribution of advertising agencies towards the promotional success of a selected product. Note if this is developed further into a full explanation of the relative merits of using professional agencies then M2 can be achieved [P3] Explain the role of...
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