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A leader is the one with the ability to influence and motivate other to achieve the organizational goal (Bass and Stogdill, 1990). In this report we will analyze what kind of leader Steve Jobs is. Steve Jobs is the cofounder and former CEO of one of the most successful company of the World, Apple Inc. He is chosen to be the analysis object because he is regarded by many as the most successful leader (Isaacson, 2012),
The main purpose of this paper is business leadership. Mainly through to introduce Ren Zhengfei, who is the leader of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. There are several reasons following why choose to introduce him.

Firstly: Ren Zhengfei was founded Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd in 1987, he had start-up capital is only twenty thousand Yuan. Incredibly by the end of 2013, his CFO Meng Zhou said Huawei 's operating profit is expected to reach 286-294 billion Yuan. This data is a significant increase of 43% compared with 2012. Although there are other business leaders could also lead enterprises to obtain such brilliant results. Ren zhengfei is worthy of note. At the beginning Mr.Ren only 20,000 Yuan in startup capital, how to create $ 35,353 a 20,000 Yuan by 2012.

Secondly: Under Mr.Ren’s lead Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd. He has 14 employees at the beginning, then development of which currently has fifteen millions employees now. This is equivalent to the total population of a small country. To focus on the how could Mr.Ren to lead such a large number of employees and what are the approaches of his leadership?

Thirdly, Cisco Systems, Inc. recognizes that Mr.Ren’s Huawei Enterprise is been as the most powerful competitor. As a global leader enterprise in network equipment market, long dominated core network equipment such as routers and switches field dominance of Cisco Systems. To consider is that why would a Chinese company as the most powerful opponent of the company 's dominant position in the IT industry?

In additional:

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