Business Law Paper

Topics: Online dating service, Contract, Common law Pages: 52 (15511 words) Published: April 14, 2015

Business Law Term Paper
Legal Analysis of Dating Site User Agreement
Chosen Site: eHarmony

BUSI 2601B
Dr. G. Levasseur
March 8th, 2015

Table of Contents
I Executive Summary1
II Introduction3
Overview and Objectives:3
Business Relationship:5
III Clausal Description and Explanation6
Document 1: Privacy Policy (3 pages)6
Document Two: Terms of Service (five pages)18
IV Application of Legal Principles32
V Lessons Learned, Recommendations and Example Scenario46
VI Legal Corrective Measures49
V Conclusion55

I Executive Summary
The concept of online dating has exploded into mainstream culture since the emergence of the Internet. Websites have allowed for the virtual facilitation of basic needs and have taken dating and relationships to a whole new level. These sites promise to make the “dating game” easy, comfortable, and convenient for their users. Promises to match you with the perfect partner and to increase the longevity of your personal relationships make online dating seem too good to be true. But what happens when this utopia of personal interaction comes crashing down? In the following pages, online dating and the risks, responsibilities, and limitations associated with such services will be analysed and connected to the legal principles discussed in the Introduction to Business Law course. To best exemplify the importance of business law in online dating sites, the extremely popular site eHarmony, more specifically the Single’s Service in Canada, will be analysed. The site’s user agreement consists of two main parts: the Terms of Service and the Privacy policy which will both be discussed. The first section of the report will dissect each individual clause from both documents and simplify them to explain what they mean and why the company chose to include the provisions. This will create a thorough understanding of what is included in the agreement. Next, the legal principles that have been discussed in the Business Law course will be expressly linked to the user agreement in order to establish the connection between contractual agreements and an individual’s responsibilities, risks and duties once the contract is signed. In addition, various recommendations regarding the use of the site as well as lessons learned from the completion of this paper will be offered in detail, with an example of a scenario explaining the role of the contract when things go wrong. Finally, a list of corrective measures that can be applied to improve the protection offered by the contract to the company and to clarify limitations on the service will be outlined. Thus, this paper will serve as a tool to better understand the contractual relationship between people and online services, as well as how companies protect themselves from any risks that may arise as a result of such relationships. II Introduction

Overview and Objectives:
In order to achieve success in the world of business, a firm grasp of the fundamental principles of the law is crucial, not only to conduct business in the present but also to forecast and prepare for risks in the future. The purpose of this paper is to perform a clausal analysis of the content of a user agreement from an online dating site, in order to understand the importance of contractual relationships in a business setting, and to link the key legal principles to the contract. The goal is to achieve a thorough understanding of the role that such contracts play in commerce and the risks associated with entering into contractual relationships. The main objectives are to explain, in detail, a breakdown of the user agreement of the chosen dating site and to find any legal issues within the wording or aims of the agreement. Essentially, this means that the paper seeks to identify and rectify any concerns that could lead to a legal dispute. Also, another objective would be to link the content of the agreement to the...
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